GM Taningco pioneer in teaching martial arts in Kettering Ohio celebrates the 45th year.

May 3, 2021

Core values, martial arts ethics, life skills, and practical self-protection are the keys to the success of Tama Martial Arts celebrating the 45th anniversary in Kettering Ohio.

Tama Martial Arts celebrate the 45th year anniversary this year and were founded by Grandmaster Manuel R. Taningco in 1976. Tama Martial arts center has been at the forefront and pioneer in teaching children in Kettering, Dayton, Beavercreek, Centerville, Huber Heights, Miamisburg, Riverside, Fairborn, Bellbrook, Oakwood, Moraine, and Springboro.

GM Taningco has taught at these places and in between Clearcreek Elementary to IDA Weller Elementary school, Dayton schools, Mad River schools, Beavercreek schools, Bellbrook schools, and Wayne High School. He has taught in many schools in the past teaching martial arts to children and adults.

One of the visions of Tama is exercising martial arts ethics, some of the core values that are taught within the children and adult classes are DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, SELF-CONFIDENCE, PATIENCE, HONOR, INDOMITABLE SPIRIT, COMMITMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, AND PERSEVERANCE. GM Taningco ‘s teaching is also based on his belief in being a Christian. His love of teaching to his fellow men, women, and children is evidence among his students that he cares about each person as a human being. Each student is special and they are treated with the utmost respect and love for the growth of their martial arts path and training whether training on Kenpo Karate Jujitsu (for kids and adults karate program), Muay Thai (for kids and adults), Tien Shan Pai kung-fu, Tai-Chi, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (for kids and adults), ISD Self-Defense, and Filipino Kali by GM Taningco and his teaching staff.

Tama martial arts center is a family affair-friendly safe environment program focused on practical self-defense and functional fitness mixed with both Eastern traditions of martial arts training and the new to keep students challenged. GM Taningco tirelessly, and constantly teaches the students to develop “good habits” in their martial arts training and to be able to use the same principles in their daily lives improving themselves at all times. Inspiring students with positive reinforcements help the students build their confidence. Seeing GM Taningco saying to students “he believes in them” really sums it up for great motivation and sincere inspiration.

Life skills, core values, and practical self-defense are the most important program within the Tama system of martial arts training. Teaching students how to effectively communicate and develop interpersonal skills, cooperation, decision making, problem-solving, and the ability to accept constructive criticism. The two keys of self-awareness and empathy are part of emotional intelligence for their growth and maturity. Controlling one’s emotions is part of the training as well. Coping with stress and emotions is an important part of student’s lives and into martial arts training.

GM Taningco creates these scenarios hands-on training for both leadership and management at an early age to help develop their life skills. Being able to work with one another is cooperation and communication skills development. Being able to work at their own pace is time-management skills. Perseverance and patience are constantly tested daily through the materials being taught daily. Self-directed learning is also emphasized when students have learned their techniques or form to practice with more repetition to be able to hone their physical and mental abilities for better understanding.

Taningco has a way of teaching Discipline without a word spoken. It is amazing how he utilizes the body language but yet at the same time, you will see him smiling and laughing having fun teaching students with love and care for each one. He truly enjoys teaching martial arts to all of his students.

Congratulations to GM Manuel Taningco for his services in Kettering and the surrounding areas of Dayton for teaching martial arts for the last 45 years of his life. For more information about martial arts classes call 937-254-7035

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