Glendale Dentist Search Box Optimization: Rank High On Google, Bing & YouTube

Apr 30, 2024

Tired of losing patients to other dentists in Glendale, CA? Then consider using My Tooth Media’s (213-215-5772) Google autocomplete optimization service!

If you're a dentist in Glendale, CA and you want to take a big bite of your competition, then you need to give My Tooth Media’s Google autocomplete-optimization service a try! The service positions your dental practice as a “suggested term” on the Internet’s top search engines. By utilizing this service, you increase your visibility and reach potential patients before your competitors.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

According to Statista, there are over 30,000 active dentists in California, making it the most populated state in terms of dentists in the United States. Consequently, many dentists have a difficult time promoting their practices and attracting patients. My Tooth Media’s Google autocomplete optimization service helps these dentists close the gap and ultimately gain a leg up on their competitors.

“If you want to be in front of prospective patients on every search, then Google Autocomplete-Optimization is for you,” explained a spokesperson for My Tooth Media. “Our service puts your dental office as the first practice patients encounter when searching for a dentist or specific dental treatment in your area.”

Easy To Use!

Compared to some other optimization services, My Tooth Media’s solution is an easy process. You simply provide a list of proven keyword phrases that bring you patients, and then My Tooth Media’s unique technology gets to work establishing authority for these phrases.

The service is not designed for any specific kind of dentist; family dentists, pediatric dentists, cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, and endodontists can all benefit from Google autocomplete optimization. Beyond just ranking for a name or location, you can also rank for special treatments your practice might offer, like Invisalign or veneers.

It's Not SEO...It's Better!

Unlike SEO, which only aims to position you in the top spot of search results, Google autocomplete optimization helps you occupy multiple high-ranking spots. In other words, SEO might get you a single valuable appearance on the first page of search results but Google autocomplete optimization will get you 10!

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

The time it takes to build authority varies, but typically you can expect to see your keyword phrases in the autocomplete on Bing in 30 to 40 days and Google in 90 or more days. Most of the leads generated come from other respected sites like Yelp, BBB, YouTube,, and Merchant Circle.

“I was struggling to gain any traction in California’s competitive dental industry, so I turned to My Tooth Media for help,” said a satisfied client. “In just a few months, our practice was ranking high in local search results, and the number of people calling or emailing our office seeking appointments had risen significantly. I can’t thank them enough.”

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