Giving Voice To The Powerless: Bermuda Series Reveals Untold Pandemic Stories

Oct 19, 2021

Beyond The Pandemic is a new documentary series based in Bermuda that reveals raw and unedited stories of people during the pandemic. The goal is to bring balance to the global conversation of the current health crisis.

How can you speak when everyone else is shouting? With the whole world talking about the pandemic, it may be hard to share your own story, especially if it’s different from what everyone else is saying.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Allow us to be your microphone and share the stories that are never told.

Initiating conversations on the pandemic and its effects on society, we are launching a new film series called Beyond The Pandemic. Based in Bermuda, our team is passionate about sharing real-life experiences with people around the world. Our first episode talks about how health professionals are coping to treat patients despite a lack of resources and facilities and how their own mental health is affected.

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The new documentary series is designed to break the silence and reveal the true stories of people living through a pandemic. In particular, we attempt to reveal each and every struggle and triumph of various sectors in society.

As an independently produced series, Beyond the Pandemic is entirely funded by producers, The Emperial Group; production partners, Crimson Multimedia and T & T Video Productions; its in-studio guests, and generous supporters. The producers appreciate all the contributions and in-kind services the project has received to date and asks for the continued kindness of others to keep the series alive.

Currently, the project is in need of ongoing support for production, post-production, graphic design, web development, social media, public relations, marketing and promotion, among others. It has now reached half of its modest goal of $10,000 to help produce the first three series, 1. Health Professionals 2. Community Conversations and 3. Private Sector & Entrepreneurs, by the end of this year.

Our project has already launched its pilot series on health professionals in Bermuda that is now attracting the attention of medical professionals from around the world. Raw and deeply personal, Beyond the Pandemic takes a closer look at the underbellies of society and how even in spite of all the media attention around the global pandemic, many stories remain underappreciated, unacknowledged, and untold.

The forthcoming series will focus on the social and economic impacts associated with the pandemic. Members of the private sector will discuss what businesses can do to remain viable, while guests from all walks of life will be featured to share insights on the various challenges that have arisen in their communities and how they have learned to adapt.

Beyond the Pandemic hopes to bring balance to the global conversation on the pandemic and provide relief to those who feel powerless, uninformed, and underrepresented. The program also aims to deliver practical and workable solutions to empower individuals and communities directly affected by the current health crisis.

We are accepting donations through our GoFundMe page.

Thank you in advance for your kindness. We hope that you enjoy our shows.

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