Get Your Music On Active Spotify Playlists & Increase Streams For Unsigned Bands

Aug 5, 2022

Are you struggling to get your tracks heard in the sea of music streaming services? Would you like your songs to be added to active playlists for fans of your genre? Then Playlist Plugger’s service will be music to your ears!

Get Your Music On Active Spotify Playlists & Increase Streams For Unsigned Bands

If finding new listeners and streams for your latest independent single feels like shouting into a void, it’s time to get your tracks onto the right playlists. That’s where Playlist Plugger’s services can help by getting your music placed on curated and active Spotify playlists.

The company is able to pitch your songs to specific playlist curators from an extensive directory in order to ensure your music reaches the listeners looking for new music in your genre.

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The playlist plugging service is ideal if you are an unsigned band or musician who wants to increase your exposure and get your music heard by fans of your genre.

The days of buying demo tapes and CDs at a local record store are unfortunately long gone, replaced by the more accessible digital music streaming services. While convenient, this shift in listening habits has meant many independent musicians like you can struggle to get their music heard by fans of their genre. Playlist Plugger’s services allow you to put your music where today’s listeners are, thereby increasing your exposure and streams.

Having collated the largest online playlist directory, the company matches your music with playlists that suit the style for the best chance of placement and continuous streams. This curated selection process means they only use playlists that have active followers and listeners for organic and real streams. You can find a list of all the company’s services at

Playlist Plugger also has a wide range of price plans, giving you the ability to find a tier that suits your budget and streaming target. Each plan offers varying levels for playlist positions, audience reach, and overall song streams. More details on the pricing plans and their features can be found at

The company also offers additional services, including Creative Consulting, that can help you boost your music exposure and branding to ensure it meets the demands of your target audience.

The company’s team of playlist experts offers 24/7 customer support for their services. They are also confident in their abilities to secure a playlist placement, offering a money-back guarantee if they are unsuccessful in placing your music.

A spokesperson for Playlist Plugger said, “We’ve spent the last couple of years researching contacts for independent playlists, and with over 5 billion Spotify playlists, we are gaining new contacts every day.”

Get your music heard by the right listeners with curated playlist placements!

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