Get Your Fiancee Diamond Tennis Bracelet At Waco’s Top Master Jewelers

Jul 24, 2023

If you’re getting married, now’s the time to start building those precious memories. And what better way to do that than to surprise your fiancee with a tennis bracelet or necklace from Di’Amore Fine Jewelers in Waco, Texas, (254-776-9877)? Long live love!

If you're the type of person who puts a lot of thought into the gifts you give, and you're looking for just the right way to surprise your fiancee, look no further than Di'Amore Fine Jewelers. They have a full range of tennis bracelets and diamond necklaces your fiancee will go ga-ga over, and isn't that the go-goal?

Show your fiancee she's special and that your love is one for the ages with a gift designed to dazzle and sparkle eternally. And then every time your fiancee does that thing where she places her hand on her wrist when she's listening intently, or fiddles with her necklace when she's chatting, she'll always be thinking of you.

Di'Amore Fine Jewelers is owned by Monali Pandya, a Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) lab-trained expert in grading and selecting the very best diamonds and today's most incredible jewelry designs.

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Did you know Tennis bracelets have been around for about 100 years and were originally known as eternity bracelets? The “tennis” moniker came about in 1978 when tennis star Chrissie Evert’s familiar diamond eternity bracelet flew off her wrist mid-match. Evert halted the tennis to find her bracelet, and the media took care of the rest. Despite its shift in labels, tennis bracelets and diamond necklaces are two of the most popular, and most appreciated fiancée gifts you can give. Because they're beautiful, elegant, and they last forever. Talk about a great metaphor.

No matter your budget, you'll find a full selection of tennis bracelets at Di’Amore in colors that range from yellow gold to white and rose gold, and prices that range from just over $1,500 for the 10 Karat yellow gold 0.25ctw diamond tennis illusion bracelet to around $11,000 for the 14 Karat white gold round cut 7-inch 5.30ctw Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

You'll find an ever bigger selection of diamond necklaces. Whether you're browsing online your you're a local and planning on heading over to the store in person, you can choose from white, yellow, and rose gold necklace designs ranging in price from the gorgeous $300 14 Karat White Gold 0.03ctw diamond necklace to the 14 Karat white gold 3.25ctw round diamond Y-shaped necklace retailing for $7,999.99.

Di’Amore Fine Jewelers is an IJO member and part of the American Gem Society. They were inducted into Preferred Jewelers International in 2018, are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and continue to maintain a near-perfect 5-star rating with over 500 customer reviewers, so you know you're in good hands.

Owner and president Monali Pandya says, “It’s such a beautiful world when I walk into the store and see all these customers who worked with my father. I used to play with some of these clients in the store as a child, and now they’re building their own stories with us. It’s truly lovely.”

A much-revered company of master jewelers, Di’Amore Fine Jewelers has you covered when it comes to finding just the right gift for your fiancee. Monali and her team are here for you and ready to help you set the tone for years of wedded bliss.

Choose the necklace. Choose the bracelet. Choose both!

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