Get Your Child The Best Dallas Area Reading Comprehension And Analysis Tutelage

Dec 6, 2020

Developing your child’s critical thinking skill is key to their successful future – take advantage of the new Critical Analysis and Reasoning course at The Reading Ranch, a Dallas area-based tutorial center that makes reading and writing fun!

Ensure that your child has the literacy foundation they need for future academic and professional success – The Reading Ranch’s new Critical Analysis and Reasoning course develops the essential critical thinking skills that your child isn’t learning at school! 

Dallas area-based children’s literacy tutorial center The Reading Ranch announced the new Critical Analysis and Reasoning course, available for 5th and 6th-grade students. The course is available both online and in-person at Reading Ranch locations in Frisco, Plano, Allen, North Dallas, Castle Hills/Lewisville, Southlake, Denison/Texoma, Argyle, McKinney, and Coppell, Texas. 

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The newly launched course, abbreviated as CARs, aims to develop comprehension, analysis, reflection and reasoning skills with an emphasis on teaching students to think critically. 

The Reading Ranch offers the new 50-minute class in order to help your child hone their critical thinking skills as early as possible. Instructors stress that the importance of this skill set cannot be overstated, as it improves both decision-making and problem-solving abilities. Further, these skills enable your child to follow through on their goals and better understand the world around them. 

Once on the course, your child will benefit from a broadened vocabulary by using word study, connotations and analysis of topic material. The Reading Ranch recommends CARs as an ideal companion to the Writing Lab course.

With reading, writing and spelling enrichment for children in Pre-K through sixth grade, the tutorial center offers your child focused literacy support. Your child will also receive built-in one-on-one instruction time from a trained Reading Ranch Certified Literacy Specialist. 

A multi-sensory teaching approach aims to meet your child’s individual needs, and targeted skillsets have now been expanded with an added emphasis on comprehension and analysis.

Company founder and director Dr. Kim Southwell, a reading and language specialist, created the full curriculum, centered on research and proven principles. With the latest announcement, The Reading Ranch continues to expand its focus on assisting your elementary-aged child in developing their literacy skills. 

“Students in most traditional classroom settings are not taught how to think critically,” said a company spokesperson. “Critical analysis and reasoning are vital for academic and professional success. The Reading Ranch CARs program helps 5th and 6th grade students to excel in their future endeavors after learning and mastering these skills early on.” 

All Reading Ranch tutorial centers offer the new CARs course as an addition to their exclusive literacy tutoring programs, phonetically-based for the development of reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension abilities. Your child can take the CARs course in-person as well as virtually via The Reading Ranch’s live Virtual Literacy Program.

The Reading Ranch presents eight reasons supporting the need for your child to master their critical thinking skills. You can read these and learn more about the new CARs course by clicking the link above! 

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