Get Year-Round Security & Protection With This Senior Medicare Background Check

Apr 7, 2023

Want FREE background checks and complete peace of mind when you’re applying for Medicare? This program is exactly what you need!

Get Year-Round Security & Protection With This Senior Medicare Background Check

Fraud… it’s a terrifying word, and for good reason. The sad truth is that when you reach a certain age, you’re more likely to be a target. It makes it hard to trust anyone.

Or does it? With Wealth Warriors, you get complete peace of mind and assurance with your financial or healthcare applications - because their automated checking process is there for you all year round.

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Founded by Khris Bryan, a US combat veteran and victim of fraud, the foundation is intended to help you apply for Medicare backed by ongoing yearly protection. All of the available providers listed through Wealth Warriors Foundation have been screened and verified.

The foundation underscores the importance of security during financial or insurance applications. It aims to alleviate doubt or concerns through a detailed and fully automated checking process.

Professionals working in the health and life insurance field, or offering auto, home, or commercial insurance products can register to become a verified member. The yearly checking service is also available for tax professionals, legal advisors, and private wealth managers.

In signing up for the new service, verified professionals are provided with a customized profile that showcases their validity and security for consumers. They can use an Ethics Badge on all communication with you to highlight that they have been screened by Wealth Warriors.

As a veteran-owned and operated company, Wealth Warriors was established to pursue truth and honesty in finance-related programs. Its background checks and ethics certifications are undertaken each year on a recurring basis to ensure that you have complete trust throughout your application process.

Financial professionals can enter the cost of the service as a tax-deductible expense, and it includes year-round marketing on the foundation’s website to increase awareness and visibility.

With the launch of its service, Wealth Warriors aims to build a secure community based on trust while supporting veterans across the country. A portion of every professional membership is contributed as a donation to prevent veteran suicide.

A spokesperson for the foundation states: “Wealth Warriors provides the highest degree of protection tools to you, the consumer, with the same excellence, integrity, and honor found in our military services, to you here in the civilian world with respect to the assets we wish to protect and hold most dear.”

Want to know the person you’re dealing with is trustworthy and honest? Look no further. Wealth Warriors Foundation is in your corner!

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