Get Wifi-Controlled Heating, Lights & Streaming Devices Installed In Yonkers

Aug 27, 2022

Modern home technology is incredible but only when it actually works! For expertly designed and installed wifi systems that’ll keep all your devices connected and working as they should, call Wifi Made EZ (914-414-6760)!

Get Wifi-Controlled Heating, Lights & Streaming Devices Installed In Yonkers

Are you a bit of a technophobe? Want the latest smart home gadgetry but don't know how to get all your devices talking to one another? You're not alone! Thankfully, those clever folks at Wifi Made EZ are here to help you 'cut the cord' and make big savings by streamlining your system.

The company offers you expertise in the setup and maintenance of a range of smart home technologies, from internet hubs and television systems to multi-room HiFi, lighting, security, and climate control devices.

Give yourself a break from those home tech headaches. Streamline and consolidate your devices and improve your connection speeds with Wifi Made EZ. More details at

The company's 'Cutting the Cord' initiative harnesses innovation in digital design to reduce your energy consumption. Wifi Made EZ engineers can redesign and optimize your existing smart home systems, troubleshoot performance issues, and improve connectivity, reducing your carbon footprint by maximizing efficiency and consolidating control of disparate devices to a single, centrally managed, wifi-enabled center.

A study by MediaPost reveals that 69% of US households have at least one smart device in operation. While smart TVs are a common fixture in millions of homes and most consumers are well-versed in streaming technology for entertainment services, recent years have seen significant growth in the smart thermostat and home security market.

Wifi Made EZ is dedicated to reducing expenditure for households in throughout Westchester County. Cutting the Cord helps you shrink your domestic energy bill by approximately $1,000 per year. The climate control technology installed by the team allows your home to run more efficiently and gives you remote access to heating and air conditioning.

Wifi Made EZ is not affiliated or tied to any particular tech brand, preferring to put your needs first, designing and creating digital environments that optimize accessibility and cost-efficiency. The team can advise you on compatibility between devices in your home, promoting user-friendly operation for both hardware and software applications. The company produces 'cheat sheets' to explain how your new system is connected and how to make the most of it.

About Wifi Made EZ

Founded in 2021, the company provides a full suite of home tech solutions, covering both the inside and outside of the home. In addition to its maintenance and installation services, Wifi Made EZ also offers emergency call-out assistance and remote software monitoring and upgrades.

A spokesperson says, “Our network of Tech Engineers has the skills and experience to get your Internet, WiFi, and Technology operating brilliantly. We will find and fix gaps in your inside and outside space. We will connect your devices with your screens. We’ll tell you whether your bandwidth speed is sufficient to handle your Zooms, your PlayStations, and your Netflix. And when you are ready to ‘cut the cord’, we will make the experience seamless.”

Make the most of your home tech with Wifi Made EZ!

Get a smart home makeover this year. For more information, go to

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