Get Weather-Resistant Metal Roofing Installed On Your Oklahoma City Property

Aug 9, 2023

Looking for permanent roofing solutions for your leaky roof? Check out the aptly named Permanent Roofing Solutions, which serves homeowners and businesses throughout Oklahoma City! Call them at 405-778-8955 today!

It goes without saying that a reliable roof is a necessity if you want to, well, keep a roof over your head. A decrepit roof does so little to shield you from the elements that it might as well not be there at all - and it actually may not be there for much longer if it’s left to languish like that!

Of course, we may be exaggerating things a bit. Maybe your roofing problems aren’t that bad yet, but you’ve noticed that things have gotten a little damper or colder in your building. Or maybe your only roofing problem is that your builder had no sense of color theory and your current roof clashes horrifically with the rest of your property. (Hey, aesthetics are important, too!)

If any of these situations sound like you, then you could definitely benefit from a professional roofer, and no one in Oklahoma City is better suited to the job than Permanent Roofing Solutions! Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner struggling with minor or major structural issues, or you just feel like your roof is in dire need of a makeover, Permanent Roofing Solutions has your back!

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As damaged roofing can cause significant disruptions to daily life, Permanent Roofing Solutions aims to provide you with reliable roofing, which is particularly important for weathering Oklahoma City’s weather. (Get it?) According to the company, damaged and deteriorating roofs can lead to leaks, water damage, mold growth, and compromised structural integrity, and leaving these problems unaddressed can result in severe health risks and hazards that can jeopardize the safety of the building and its residents.

Being someone who lives in Oklahoma City, or at least spends a significant amount of time there for business, you probably want someone who knows their way around as well as you do. At the very least, you don’t want to hire a contractor who has no clue about what Mother Nature will throw at your new roof!

And Permanent Roofing Solutions fits that description to a T. As a local contractor, Permanent Roofing Solutions is familiar with Oklahoma City’s climate, building codes, and industry dynamics. Better yet, their certified roofers and artisans work with a variety of premium materials to install a durable roof that serves the dual purpose of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. Their roofs are functional, and they look great! What more could you ask for?

Highlighted among Permanent Roofing Solutions’ latest services are their metal roofing installations, which offer you a long-lasting alternative to conventional roofing. Their metal roofs are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, hailstorms, and strong winds; they are also more energy-efficient, as they reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption, potentially saving you costs associated with air conditioning during the hot summer months.

Don’t think their services only apply to people who want an installation, though! If you have an existing metal roof, you can also contact Permanent Roofing Solutions to rectify minor damage, such as leaks, or address more complex issues.

Should you prefer other options over metal, Permanent Roofing Solutions also offers installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance for roofs made of top-grade tile, shingles, and more. By continuing to provide its clients with a wide range of services, the company's experienced team remains committed to high-quality craftsmanship, efficiency, and a customer-centric approach. If you don’t ever have to call them back, that means they’ve succeeded in providing you with the permanent roofing solutions they’re named for!

“We believe that exceptional service goes hand-in-hand with superior roofing solutions. At Permanent Roofing Solutions, we strive to provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish,” says Greg Melancon of Permanent Roofing Solutions. “Whether it’s a sturdy metal roof, elegant tile roofing, or the ever-reliable asphalt shingles, we’ve got you covered.”

Of course, anything related to home improvement and repairs can be daunting. Permanent Roofing Solutions understands this, so to help ease some of the burden on you, they offer consultations completely free of charge. Just contact Greg at 405-778-8955 if you have any concerns regarding your roof, and he can walk you through where to go from there.

But if you’re curious about what else Permanent Roofing Solutions has to offer (and the company has a lot to offer), visit to get started today!

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