Get Water Savings Consultations & Cooling Tower Optimization Advice For Schools

May 2, 2023

A water savings consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to promote sustainable practices, reduce school energy bills, and improve your energy efficiency!

You might be surprised at just how much your school can save when you work with a specialist like Onsite Utility Services Capital. This leading provider of energy-efficient solutions can help you to optimize your water systems with turnkey solutions!

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote sustainable practices and reduce operational costs for educational institutions, the company offers water consumption monitoring, cooling tower optimization, and top-quality equipment installation and maintenance.

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Onsite Utility Services Capital provides personalized guidance and offers advice on how to ensure your school only pays for the water you use - while improving the efficiency and longevity of your building's water towers. These can account for up to 30% of total water usage, making them a significant source of potential savings.

Onsite Utility Services Capital can help you to minimize the scaling and corrosion of your water towers through its innovative anti-scaling and corrosion systems, available on a no-investment basis. This can result in a 15% reduction in energy use and minimize maintenance costs.

In today's challenging economic climate, schools are facing budget constraints that require them to be more mindful of their energy consumption. The cost of running a school can be significant, with energy bills often accounting for a significant portion of the budget. Reducing energy usage is a critical factor in managing these costs, says Onsite Utility Services Capital.

With its real-time data insights, the company's consumption monitoring service provides you with an accurate picture of your energy usage, allowing you to identify areas where you can cut back on energy consumption. The team helps you to track your progress and adjust your energy consumption strategies as needed.

Onsite Utility Services Capital offers full turnkey solutions with complete equipment installation and maintenance services, making it easy for you to upgrade your facilities and improve your energy efficiency. You can start optimizing your water usage without having to worry about the details of equipment installation or maintenance since they are all included during the service term.

A spokesperson states: "Water and sewer expenses have increasingly become a significant operating expense for many facilities, and every indication is that it will only get more expensive in the years ahead. This makes water efficiency solutions critical elements in keeping your operating costs under control."

Do you want to dramatically reduce your water bills and improve efficiency? Get in touch!

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