Get Vancouver BC Red Light Therapy Treatments For Arthritis & Inflamed Joints

May 4, 2021

Full-body, red light therapy treatments for advanced pain relief and recovery have been introduced in Vancouver, BC by The Neuro Lounge at their Yaletown clinic.

Treat skin conditions, joint pain, inflammation, and soft tissue injuries with new photobiomodulation treatments.

The Neuro Lounge, Yaletown Clinic, Vancouver, BC has introduced a new full-body, red light therapy bed treatment to provide pain relief, reduce tension and inflammation, improve skin health and circulation, and speed up recovery times. The treatment is provided on a LightStim LED bed. This non-invasive gentle treatment complements The Neuro Lounge’s approach of naturally reversing the effects of stress on the body and mind.

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The Neuro Lounge introduced the therapy and is the first office in Canada to offer LightStim Full Body LED bed to the public.

Red light therapy, known scientifically as photobiomodulation, is a non-invasive and pain-free, light-based treatment. The treatment is used predominantly for the management of pain and to reduce inflammation of joints, muscles, and tendons.

Conditions that respond well to red light therapy include arthritis, tendonitis, and acute joint or muscle injuries. Using wavelengths of light in the red and near-infrared spectrum, red light therapy does not tan or burn your skin but instead works on a cellular cell level to enhance biological function.

The photobiomodulation (PBM) process emits gentle waves of red and near-infrared LED light and laser light in four different wavelengths. Your body’s skin absorbs the light photons which are thought to help repair damaged cells and stimulate collagen production in the dermal cells by increasing cellular energy.

A clinical trial in the journal Photomedicine and Laser Surgery explored red light therapy treatment for some basic skin issues and found that these therapies could: decrease wrinkles, increase collagen, improve complexion and improve the feeling of skin.

A popular treatment for skin, muscle, and joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory and circulation enhancing effects. PBM is being increasingly used to treat neurological conditions and concussions. Its ability to reduce inflammation and promote healing is making it a sought-after adjunctive therapy for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.

Photobiomodulation treatments at The Neuro Lounge in Vancouver can relieve inflammation and pain, accelerate healing, help fight the aging process, and dramatically improve energy.

A spokesperson for The Neuro Lounge said: “Since implementing red light therapy into our treatment protocols patients have experienced exceptional improvements and faster outcomes.”

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