Get Used Office Cubicles & Chairs From The Best Sterling, VA Furniture Supplier

Jan 28, 2022

Setting up a new office space in Sterling, Virginia? Sumner Furniture & Design (703-348-5697) has over $1 million of pre-owned cubicles and chairs, and you could save your business up to 80% on office furniture.

Get Used Office Cubicles & Chairs From The Best Sterling, VA Furniture Supplier

Let’s face it, the pandemic wasn’t easy and many local businesses are still recovering. Why spend a fortune on new office equipment, when you could buy perfectly functional pre-owned stock? Call a consultant today, and they can help walk you through the details.

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When setting up a new office space, you probably think that IT equipment is going to be your major expense. Actually, you’d be surprised how much your furniture will cost as well. Sumner Furniture & Design can take that particular worry off your mind, and they stock hundreds of options to suit any need.

Are you sitting down? A recent report from demonstrated just how significant the savings can be. It states that new office cubicles can cost you anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000, while used furniture can range from $300 to $800 per cubicle. Yes, that’s a huge saving for your business.

Sumner Furniture & Design confirms this report, stating that their updated line of pre-owned products can provide you with savings of up to 80%. As the Virginia economy recovers from the pandemic, why spend thousands of dollars on new furniture when you could get perfectly good pre-owned equipment?

As a specialist in both new and used furniture, the company ensures that all pre-owned products are in top condition prior to making them available for resale. To be honest, new furniture probably wouldn’t look much different after a few months of use. In-house advisors can walk you through the benefits of used equipment and the products currently in stock.

If your business is looking to sell existing cubicles and chairs, Sumner is an active participant in the used furniture market. Representatives are available to discuss the potential purchase of your unwanted items.

About Sumner Furniture & Design

A family-owned and operated business, Sumner Furniture & Design focuses on providing local clients with value-for-money products and services. The company takes a consultative approach and can assist you with product selection, office design, and office remodeling projects. Full installation services are also available.

A company representative stated: “We believe in service & value first. Our selection of top-quality new & pre-owned furniture will satisfy any style and budget. We have designed everything from entire office buildings to home offices, and we look forward to helping you design the perfect workspace.”

Set up a new office space the intelligent and cost-effective way. Sumner Furniture & Design can help your office look great without breaking the bank.

Discover how Sumner can help you today. Click on so you can learn more.

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