Get Top-Rated Lakewood Child-Friendly Braces & Orthodontics For A Beautiful Smile

Sep 27, 2021

Looking for orthodontic services that are kid-friendly? Duryea Orthodontics (+1-303-987-0500) in Lakewood, CO, specializes in offering early assessments to children for misalignments, braces, and more!

Have you noticed your child’s teeth seem misaligned or in need of straightening? Want to find an orthodontist who’s skilled at working with young kids? Then try Duryea Orthodontics!

A specialist orthodontics practice based in Lakewood, CO, the practice has launched updates to its services, offering realignment and braces for adults and children of all ages.

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The newly updated services offer patients in the Colorado area a broad range of orthodontic solutions for teeth misalignment, with a particular emphasis on kid-friendly services.

When it comes to orthodontics, the earlier the better – which means services that start when your children are young have a higher chance of making permanent improvements to misaligned teeth. By the age of 7, most children have developed their permanent teeth, which means that kids need to visit an orthodontist as soon as possible for an in-depth evaluation of the teeth and jaw.

Many adults and children find trips to the orthodontist unappealing, but Dr. Duryea of Duryea Orthodontics is experienced both in his profession and as a family man. Though he considers his work of utmost importance, he also takes his fun seriously – which makes him the ideal orthodontist for dealing with children of a young age, and putting them at ease.

The practice prides itself on providing a service that’s both pleasant and convenient for your kids, from the first visit to the last. Children can receive early, preventative treatments for orthodontic issues before their permanent teeth come in, which can help them avoid further tooth misalignments later in life.

From underbites to extra teeth, Dr. Duryea is skilled at assessing your children’s oral health and communicating with you and them how to best approach the misalignments, to ensure a beautiful smile.

This latest service launch is in line with the practice’s commitment to providing high-quality orthodontic solutions for adults and children in the Colorado area.

A satisfied patient said: “If you are looking for a good place to get braces I highly recommend Duryea Orthodontics. Every person who works here is amazingly nice and caring. The technology they use is mind-blowing. I got a call the night I got my braces on from Dr. Duryea which was the sweetest thing. He let me know what to expect the next few days and weeks and made sure I was doing okay.”

Duryea Orthodontics is the caring, personable practice you need to help your children find their bright and beautiful smiles!

Ready to straighten that smile? Visit to book your first appointment!

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