Get Tips On Word Management For Real Estate Brokers: Find Work/Life Balance

Apr 5, 2022

Aaron Hendon of Christine & Company at eXp Realty in Seattle, WA will be hosting a one-hour event called “Time Management is Bullsh*t”. Here, you’ll learn how to effectively prioritize tasks so that you can get the job done all the time, every time.

Get Tips On Word Management For Real Estate Brokers: Find Work/Life Balance

Do you feel overwhelmed with life? Work/life balance out of whack? Exhausted? Dropping the ball? Need help with priorities? Maybe it’s time for a new perspective.

Around 95% of Americans say that they want to quit their jobs, with more than a third of that population citing “burnout” as the major reason for their discontent. According to Aaron Hendon, managing broker of Christine & Company, the figures are even higher for realtors, who often work during weekends and have lost all concept of work/life balance.

Addressing this, Hendon announces that he will be moderating a one-hour discussion on Thursday, May 5th from 12:00 – 1:00 PM on why time management is “bullsh*t”. 

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The new discussion gets to the heart of what you may be struggling with regarding fulfilling what really matters to you. Hendon starts the conversation about what you can do to move past overwhelm, burnout, and feeling like you’re dropping the ball. Most importantly, the one-hour discussion reveals the secret to what he calls word management.

Word management is the practice of focusing time and resources on certain tasks that impact high-value projects and long-term goals. “It replaces time management and project management, which are doomed from the start given you cannot manage time” Hendon points out.

Hendon clarifies that it is about the proper appropriation of time and resources. It is not about adding tasks to “find” work/life balance, or merely trying to “manage time” but understanding that people only live one life, not a work-life and personal life. The mistake is to focus on the things that happen outside people’s control, like time, and start focusing on what we can control, like what we say we will or won’t do.

Hendon is a best-selling author and managing broker of Christine & Company at eXp Realty in Seattle. He teaches transformational leadership programs for professionals and companies.

If you’re a realtor who hasn’t had a break for years – then this event is definitely for you! Go to so you can learn more. 

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