Get The Latest International News & Unbeatable Deals On Flights & Hotels

Oct 17, 2019

Never miss a breaking news story with, South Africa’s preferred source of syndicated news stories for travellers and frequent fliers. The new website features a monthly travel newsletter, the cheapest flight prices to and from all major South African airports, and hotel booking for all major international destinations.

  • get the latest international news amp unbeatable deals on flights amp hotels
  • get the latest international news amp unbeatable deals on flights amp hotels
  • get the latest international news amp unbeatable deals on flights amp hotels
  • get the latest international news amp unbeatable deals on flights amp hotels

Slow public WiFi airports can be bothersome especially when you want to access all your favourite news sources. At, you can enjoy syndicated news articles from anywhere in the world. has been launched as a curated news website for South African frequent fliers & business travellers. The portal features news articles from all leading global networks with special focus on South Africa.

The South African traveller’s news site showcases current and relevant articles from global and local news agencies. delivers all the news you need with a special section featuring airline and airport news from around the world on a single page. Stay ahead of the game with current reports affecting any of your planned destinations or transit airports.

Sometimes, you may find that your flight has been cancelled or rescheduled without any prior notice. is a reliable source of news about factors that could affect your flight, allowing you to reschedule or find an alternative. is optimized for use on your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, delivering current news, travel deals, sports, and other news available on-demand anywhere in the world.

The site gives you access to in-depth coverage of international events in the World News section. The business news section features financial & economic coverage focused on South Africa and Africa. New sections include general news, science & technology, and health. A special section reminds you of news stores you may have missed on your previous visit.

Book cheap domestic and international flights through The site features the best flights from Johannesburg and other major South African cities to all major destinations. Compare hotel prices and make reservations while on the move through a global travel network. makes it easy for you to find the cheapest flights and hotel deals without working through a 3rd party travel agency.

The sends out a monthly newsletter that features value and luxury travel deals all year round.

According to a spokesperson for the South Africa traveller news portal, “We are delighted to announce the launch of as a source of current and highly relevant news for travellers and frequent fliers. We offer affordable, value-added travel & hospitality deals anywhere in the world powered by a global network.” is a syndicated news portal and travel booking website supporting global travellers with a focus on South Africa.

For more information about syndicated news for frequent fliers visit

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