Get The Ergonomic Garlic Ginger Press You Need From This Israeli Online Retailer

Apr 11, 2021

Looking for an effective garlic and ginger press with easy clean-up and minimal food waste? Visit the Bussani online homeware store to get the latest ergonomic kitchen tool you need!

Make your life easier and reduce waste with this premium kitchen essential – visit the homeware specialist Bussani online today to get the premium garlic and ginger crusher you need in your kitchen!

Bussani, an online home and kitchenware store based in Israel, have recently launched their latest product, a high-quality, ergonomic garlic and ginger press designed for easy use and rapid clean up.

More information about pricing and contact details can be found at

Bussani is an online store providing premium products for the home and body, including their newly launched garlic press which you can purchase on their site or through Amazon. Their recently released press is efficient enough that you need not peel garlic before crushing and extracting it from the mechanism.

The specially-designed release attachment allow you to remove residual food and peels with minimal waste and cleaning. Moreover, the durable piston enables the press to extract as much of the garlic clove as possible, making it ideal if you are looking to reduce your waste production and get the most out of your garlic and ginger.

The ergonomic, commercial-grade quality aluminum ensures the crusher will be your long-lasting kitchen essential, perfect for every day use in your home, in addition to professional kitchens. The newly launched product comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. The ergonomic design ensures the mincer is easy to use, especially if you are a parent who wants to supervise your child’s cooking skills without the need for knives or sharp graters.

The large crushing compartment allows you to effortlessly crush multiple cloves of garlic or thumbs of ginger in the press, streamlining meal preparation time while avoiding unnecessary mess and washing up. Additionally, the smooth, ergonomic handles enable maximum grip and crushing power.

The Bussani press comes with a scraping tool that makes manual cleaning easy and effective. The dishwasher is not recommended. The press also comes in a jute drawstring bag for rustic-style storage, making it an ideal gift for family and friends who have an interest in cooking.

A spokesperson for the company said “Our modern, “Bussani”-branded and user-friendly ginger/garlic press will probably be your best kitchen tool purchase ever!”

Bussani is the Israeli online retailer providing you with commercial-quality kitchen tools – call them today to get the easy to clean and highly effective garlic and ginger press you need!

You can find out at

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