Get The Downsyzor App For Estate Auction & Storage Sales To Declutter Your Home

May 3, 2021

Feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks required to host a successful downsizing sale? Downsyzor can organize and manage your estate auction, ensuring a smooth, effortless sale.

Want to host a garage or downsizing sale to clear up your home of unwanted items? Check out this powerful web tool by 888 Auctions.

The Richmond, Ontario auctioning house recently launched its latest tool called Downsyzor, designed to enable individuals from anywhere in the world to host an estate auction from the comfort of their homes. 

Go to to find more details.

Downsyzor is an easy-to-use platform where you can quickly discover ongoing auctions or upload your items and have interested buyers bid on them.

The new platform is suitable for individuals looking to declutter their space. Downsyzor can be used for downsizing sales, estate sales, garage sales, moving auctions, and storage clearance.

888 Auctions accepts consignments from all over the world and holds cataloged auctions every week. It receives consignments on a rolling basis, ensuring that you get plenty of opportunities to sell your items. The auctioning house accepts a wide range of consignments including rare and fresh-to-market items.

To get started with an auction, you only need to take pictures of the item you intend to auction and upload it to the Downsyzor platform with a brief description. In order to complete the process, you are required to take a short quiz, at the end of which you will be prompted to schedule a phone consultation with an onboarding agent.

Once the auction is complete, 888 Auctions will pick up the items from your location. The team from 888 Auctions handles all the packaging and shipping to buyers, saving you the effort and expense of having to pack and ship items.

Besides improving the selling experience, Downsyzor caters to the needs of those looking to bid on items too. You can use the platform to discover ongoing live auctions near you.

With this launch, 888 Auctions is set to disrupt the Estate Sale economy by democratizing the sector and ensuring private individuals from anywhere can conveniently auction their items.

888 Auctions has completed over 750 estate sales so far and has over 20,000 active clients searching for estate sales on its platform.

A company spokesperson said: “Downsyzor helps homeowners every day by organizing their downsizing sale to clear out that garage, basement, bedroom or storage locker. The website is perfect for you if you have over 50 household items you want to sell from a physical location.”

Save yourself the stress and expense of running your garage, estate, or moving sale. Let the team at 888 Auctions handle the process for you. 

Call them today to get started by taking a short quiz at and scheduling an appointment with an onboarding agent.

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