Get The Confidence And Motivation You Need With This Writers Coaching Program

May 2, 2021

Professional life coach Lynn M Rossi now offers individual coaching sessions for clients like writers and artists who require help with planning, motivation, and their confidence.

Defeat your doubts with Lynn M Rossi’s life coaching program!

Lynn M Rossi, a certified life coach based in Guilford, Connecticut, has expanded her range of services. In addition to seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements, Lynn now offers both group and individual coaching sessions.

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The updated selection of services is designed to provide you with the tools to fulfill your dreams.

An increasing number of people are turning to life coaches to help organize their lives. According to a recent study, there are approximately 23,000 life coaches in North America, and the number of coaches worldwide increased by 33% between 2015 and 2019.

One-on-one coaching programs offered by Lynn give you the means to achieve consistent success. In particular, the sessions provide you with ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback, and a broad perspective on your aims. The service is of use to people whose jobs or hobbies require planning and self-motivation, such as writers.

In addition to the regular appointments Lynn offers as part of her individualized coaching plan, you can also benefit from occasional complimentary strategy sessions. In these sessions, you can gain clarity on your desires, learn to surmount obstacles to achieving those desires, and reflect on how to take the next step.

Lynn also engages in group and team coaching. These sessions allow you to break free from limiting beliefs, develop confidence, and gain a better understanding of how to achieve your goals.

Seminars and speaking engagements can be undertaken by request. Lynn offers programs in full-day, half-day, and customized formats for a variety of occasions including in-house corporate training, executive or personal retreats, and keynote speeches.

Lynn M. Rossi is a DreamBuilder Coach and holds a certification from the Life Mastery Institute. She also has twenty-five years of teaching experience as a music educator.

A satisfied client said: “I spent years suffering from self-confidence issues, especially when it came to my writing. After just a handful of coaching sessions with Lynn, I’ve made great progress in overcoming my doubts, and my work is now better than ever.”

Reach for the stars and achieve your dreams with the help of Lynn M Rossi!

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