Live the Life You Love Today With Best One-On-One Life Coach in Branford, CT

Jul 26, 2021

Lynn M. Rossi (860-615-9091) in Branford, CT, helps you live the life you LOVE. The transformational life coach helps you live your soul’s purpose through practical and realistic goal setting.

Are you living the life you want? If you’ve answered “no”, then isn’t it about time that you do?

Lynn M. Rossi, a certified Dreambuilder Coach in Branford, Connecticut, announces her updated individual personal development coaching sessions. Rossi guides you towards your full potential by helping you understand your soul’s purpose.

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The transformational coach updated her services to help you live the life you want. She mentions several recent studies that note an increase in depression cases around the country and in the world.

Rossi believes that the pandemic has taken a negative toll on the mental health of society, and was inspired to create individual coaching programs that supported students through this time. As a certified Dreambuilder coach, Rossi motivates you to transform your life in four key aspects: time/money freedom, health, relationships, and career and creative expression.

The former public school teacher continues her passion for helping you achieve noticeable improvements in your life at an accelerated rate. Using her experience as an educator, she works with you to create a practical, realistic, and manageable personal development plan.

Do you think that your goals are unattainable or just too “out there”? Don’t worry! Rossi helps you be more invested in your goals by setting controllable milestones. This way, you can reliably track your progress.

To celebrate the updated coaching, Rossi announces that interested students can send her an email for a complimentary strategy session. Nevertheless, she reminds you that there are a limited number of available appointments as these tend to book quickly.

Lynn M. Rossi was certified by the Life Mastery Institute and has made it her mission to offer the “Dreambuilder Program” which teaches clients how to design and create the life they would love.

Apart from offering highly personalized one-on-one coaching, Rossi also offers group seminars and workshops. She is available for speaking engagements. 

Rossi says, “Give your unique, brilliant potential the boost it deserves. My coaching allows you and me to work together (one-on-one) through a highly effective and proven program that will support you in accelerating your results and achieving your goals.”

Do this one kind thing for yourself: Give yourself the chance to be happy today. 

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