Get The Best West Loop Gate IL Chinese Acupuncture For Relaxation & Pain Relief

Feb 26, 2021

Advance Center for Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Massage offers the best chiropractic acupuncture therapy in West Loop Gate, IL – go to to get the personalized therapy sessions for chronic and acute pain relief, relaxation and optimal health!

Chinese acupuncture combined with effective chiropractic and massage therapy can help you alleviate your pain and improve your mobility – and if you’re in the West Loop Gate area, Advance Center offers the professional therapy sessions you need!

Advance Center for Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Massage announced an updated range of chiropractic acupuncture services for patients in West Loop Gate and the surrounding areas. You’ll benefit from personalized treatment designed to help you alleviate neck pain and back pain, headaches, muscle stiffness, and various other conditions.

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The center’s services are designed to provide you with a customized acupuncture treatment plan combining the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with modern advances in pain relief.

You’ll benefit from the precise application of acupuncture therapy to release blocked energy from essential points in your body. The effects include pain relief, improved sleep, better digestion, and a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Advance Center also offers a comprehensive range of chiropractic solutions for patients in West Loop Gate and other areas. Depending on your needs, the center offers both manual and computer-assisted adjusting. The end goal is to promote optimal spinal adjustment and help you experience chronic pain relief and improved musculoskeletal mobility.

With the latest announcement, the Chicago chiropractic center continues to expand its range of services to help patients experience pain relief and improve their function and mobility.

Advance Center is led and founded by Dr. Michael Luban, a Doctor of Chiropractic with more than three decades of experience treating thousands of patients who live in Chicago, New Eastside, Grant Park, West Loop, Fulton River District, West Loop Gate, Streeterville, River North, Near North Side, Gold Coast areas, and for the thousands of commuters coming down to work from the surrounding areas (i.e. Aurora, Naperville, and Joliet).

A satisfied patient said: “I came to Dr. Luban after more than a week of neck pain that made it difficult to even turn my head. After only a couple of sessions, my neck pain not only went away, but I could turn my neck further than I had in a long time. He has also worked on my shoulder (had slight pain there along with the neck pain) and my lower back.”

“I never have trouble getting in for an appointment. I would recommend Dr. Luban to anyone who is dealing with pain or discomfort,” she added.

Ready for the high-quality chiropractic acupuncture therapy you need? Click on to get started!

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