Get The Best West Knoxville Vertebrae Decompression Treatments For Sciatica Pain

Dec 16, 2022

Is low back pain or sciatica preventing you from living a full life? Then visit Knoxville, TN family chiropractor Bell Family Chiropractic (865-383-7730) for innovative pain relief techniques!

Get The Best West Knoxville Vertebrae Decompression Treatments For Sciatica Pain

Is your spine out of whack? If so, let Bell Family Chiropractic set you straight!

The Knoxville, TN family chiropractor offers neck low back, and sciatica pain relief treatments, utilizing whole-body techniques to address underlying causes of back and neck pain.

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Bell Family Chiropractic's goal is to provide you with natural, non-invasive methods of alleviating pain associated with sprains, strains, misalignment, nerve root compression, and degenerated, herniated, or bulging discs.

Bell Family Chiropractic offers an alternative approach to conventional treatments dealing with your low back pain. They are one of only two chiropractors in Tennessee trained and certified in the Zone Technique, a chiropractic healing method that uses gentle tools such as the Impulse Adjusting instrument to balance your brain and align your spine. It focuses on the six centers in your brain - the glandular, eliminative, nervous, digestive, muscular, and circulatory systems - and corrects any imbalances among them that are causing issues within your body, all without any popping or cracking.

Bell Family Chiropractic also offers the more traditional Y-Strap adjustment that involves the chiropractor wrapping a strap around the back of your head and gently pulling in the opposite direction of your body. By doing this, your spine stretches out along the y-axis and your vertebrae decompress. This method can help with stress and tension in your neck, shoulders, and back due to poor posture.

For sciatica relief, Bell Family Chiropractic also provides a range of solutions. Because sciatica is a result of the pinching or irritation of the two largest nerves in your body, the treatments involve realigning your spine and decompressing your sciatic nerve trigger. Again, Bell Family Chiropractic offers adjustments to do this, but they also perform Dry Needling treatment, which helps relieve pressure by using thin monofilament needles to penetrate your skin and stimulate your myofascial trigger points.

In addition to these treatments, Bell Family Chiropractic also utilizes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This involves breathing air in a chamber that is above atmospheric pressure, to push more oxygen into your red blood cells and spinal fluid. The additional oxygen speeds the healing process and optimizes all body functions.

Bell Family Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Ryan Bell in 2018. Their team of certified chiropractors helps with low back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, migraines, headaches, pregnancy pain, pediatrics, sports injuries, and scoliosis. As a family practice, they take care of men, women, and children of all ages.

A satisfied patient said: "Dr. Bell is absolutely amazing. On my first trip, I came with sciatic nerve pain. After one visit I felt immediate relief. He actually takes the time to make all the adjustments your body needs. I highly recommend his office for chiropractic care."

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