Get The Best Water Damage Compensation Payout You Deserve in Florida

Aug 17, 2022

Has your property been affected by storm damage, a plumbing fault, roof leak or other type of water damage? Are you unsure of how to handle your insurance claims process to achieve the settlement you are entitled to? Call John A. Alvarado, Public Insurance Adjuster, today for immediate support and a free evaluation.

The effects of water damage to a property can be stressful and overwhelming. These experienced adjusters will stay right by your side throughout the whole claims process and offer a free response guide on their website to help you contain the damage and achieve maximum compensation. 

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Many water insurance claims are wrongfully denied or underpaid and certain types of damage caused by floods, sewer, and drainage backup may not be covered by standard policies. The guide recommends that you review your existing policy to ensure comprehensive cover and lists practical steps that you can take when making a claim to ensure you don’t miss out on the payout you deserve.

Our Public adjusters evaluate property loss on your behalf and advocate for your claim. John Alvarado and his team recommend that you contact an adjuster before starting the claims process with your insurance provider, although they can still assist you if the claim has already been initiated.

Steps to be taken during a claim include obtaining a copy of your original insurance policy and policy number, noting the names of representatives from the policy provider who are involved in the claim, exercising extreme caution before signing forms, and taking extensive photos and videos of the damage that started the claim.

John Alvarado’s website provides recommendations for emergency plumbers and water restoration specialists, and you can get a free evaluation by calling or booking online.

If there is no settlement, there is no fee, and it may even be possible for claims to be reopened up to five years from the date of loss! 

John Alvarado and his team have been providing assistance to victims of major Florida hurricanes and have handled thousands of claims totaling over $100 million, ranging from homeowner’s insurance residential claims to commercial businesses and major manufacturing companies.

A satisfied client said: “Following damage to my home, dealing with the insurance and mortgage companies seemed very overwhelming. John helped me get back a very fair amount for the damages. My insurance company tried to give me half of what John achieved and I am more than pleased with his services.”

With over 35 years of experience, these licensed adjusters are the trusted experts you can rely on – call them today at 1-800-466-4496 to get the best claims result.

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