Get The Best Virtual Outpatient Treatments For Substance Abuse In Pasadena, CA

Apr 29, 2021

Aim 4 Recovery has updated its outpatient therapy treatment for individuals living in and around Pasadena, California, to help you get the help you need to recover from substance abuse.

Are you looking for professional care for recovery from substance abuse? Would you like to continue to meet your daily responsibilities while getting the help you need?

Aim 4 Recovery has launched its updated outpatient therapy treatment services in Pasadena, California, to provide you with professional rehabilitation if you need help with alcohol and substance abuse recovery.

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The services from Aim 4 Recovery offer a range of options that allow you to find treatments to suit your personal needs, including group therapy and private counseling, as well as separate programs for adults and adolescents. Additionally, during the current pandemic, Aim 4 Recovery is offering treatment sessions via Zoom to help you continue to receive the care you need. 

Overcoming substance abuse problems can be challenging, especially if you are trying to maintain your day-to-day responsibilities such as employment and education. In this situation, taking time away to attend residential rehabilitation can cause you additional problems and be an unfeasible solution. Aim 4 Recovery’s outpatient therapy treatment services in Pasadena, California, offer a practical alternative that can provide care while allowing you to meet your daily responsibilities. 

The outpatient therapy services provided by Aim 4 Recovery give residents of Pasadena and its surrounding areas of California access to care to support their recovery from substance abuse. As an outpatient, you can receive intensive treatments on a schedule to suit your needs and commitments, with sessions available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. 

Due to the current pandemic, the rehabilitation center understands the problem that lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are causing in preventing you from receiving your therapy. To help solve this, the center is now offering you virtual Zoom treatments for both group and individual therapy sessions. Aim 4 Recovery works closely with the court system to ensure their online services are in line and compliant with any court orders. 

Aim 4 Recovery uses innovative treatment programs that implement a range of approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, group counseling, and processing groups. Furthermore, the center has a holistic approach to therapy and includes yoga and mindfulness exercises alongside nutrition and exercise plans to treat your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 

A spokesperson for Aim 4 Recovery said, “Our mission has been to provide a unique intensive outpatient program that offers a safe, private and nurturing environment, where our clients can receive the expert help they deserve, while still being able to live in the comfort of their own home.”

Get the help you need to recovery from substance abuse problems with Aim 4 Recovery’s updated outpatient therapy treatment services today.

For more information and/or a free consultation call 626-602-6735 to speak with a Specialist now!

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