Get The Best Traditional West African Recipes from This Croydon Lifestyle Brand

Sep 17, 2020

Looking for health food inspiration? Call the local Croydon lifestyle experts at Ellesu for traditional Nigerian recipes and platters today!

Never compromise on flavour- call the lifestyle experts at Ellesu for healthy, delicious, and traditional Nigerian recipes today! 

Croydon-based healthy eating and lifestyle platform Ellesu has launched online cooking classes in the form of EllesuTeach, in addition to EllesuEats, an online food shop stocking traditional Nigerian dishes.

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Founder Olive Onyi is an expert in Nigerian cuisine and created Ellesu to share her knowledge with you about healthy eating and leading a balanced lifestyle. Ellesu’s company vision is to make cooking easy and accessible to everyone, while promoting healthy lifestyles through traditional and inspired West African dishes.

Onyi’s newly launched EllesuTeach offers you a range of African cookery classes, covering dishes from smokey jollof rice to okra soup. You can enjoy these new virtual cook-along classes from home on Saturdays. In addition to dish-specific classes, the personalised 1-2-1 classes cover traditional meals selected at random and can be purchased with or without the required, pre-prepared ingredients.

Moreover, the newly launched EllesuEats offers Owambe, Mmemme, Abacha, and Nkwobi platters to satisfy your cravings for traditional West African food, while promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Alongside Ellesu’s virtual class launch, EllesuEats is a brand-new online shop, offering one-off meals party platters that have been carefully developed to balance health and traditional flavour.

The Owambe platter reflects a traditional Yoruba feast and contains spiced peppered chicken, stick meat, jollof rice, fried, rice, coleslaw, fried plantain, and puff puff. EllesuEats also offers individual meals designed to support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, such as the FourOneNine meal plan which has been formulated to support people switching to a keto lifestyle. You can purchase these ready-made dishes online, pick them up locally, or have them delivered.

A spokesperson for the company said “Ellesu heavily promotes Culture and Tradition, in our pursuit to integrate globally our Core functions should not be missed. Ellesu aims to preserve Culture as well as promote traditions with our approach to food. Also, we aim to make cooking an experience and enjoyable by easing the processes.”

EllesuEats and EllesuTeach are the West African cuisine experts local to South London -call them today at +44-7946-878254 to satisfy your cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle! 

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