Get The Best Tips For Putting Your Baby To Sleep From This Online Guide

Aug 6, 2020

Are you a first-time parent who is having a hard time getting your baby into a sleep routine that works for both of you? Sleeping Baby Tricks’ new guide may be able to help you.

If you’re having a difficult time putting your infant or pre-toddler to sleep then you should check out Sleeping Baby Tricks. The guide there provides six cool tips on how you can get your baby to sleep.

Sleeping Baby Tricks has released a guide titled: 6 Best Ways To Put a Newborn To Sleep. It was compiled, by parents Kate and Mike, with the intention of sharing sleep pattern tips with other parents.

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The newly launched guide comes in the form of a blog on the couple’s website. It features what they consider a few of the best ideas for you as parents to try to help your baby sleep. The couple notes that these tips have been tried and proven by other parents.

It’s a fact that getting a baby to sleep is no simple task. Whether it be a newborn infant or a baby approaching the pre-toddler stage, the challenge remains. Countless parents have experienced finally getting their baby to fall asleep in their arms only to have them wide awake as soon as their head hit the cot. This could be quite frustrating, especially for a parent who is also sleep-deprived.

The guide encourages you to develop a routine, swaddle your baby, make use of white noise, sway your baby, use a pacifier, and shorten naps. These tips were developed after the couple discovered a book that helped them: “Baby Sleep Miracle” by Mary-Ann Schuler.

On developing a routine, the authors first advise that you use the first two weeks of your baby’s life to adjust to your new parenting role. Once this period has passed, you should then develop a routine that teaches the infant the difference between daytime and nighttime. Starting early, the guide states will minimize the number of sleepless nights you’ll experience along the way.

Given that differentiating between nighttime and daytime is not easy for a baby to do, you are also encouraged to shorten your infant’s nap times during the day. Though it may be one of the last things you would want to do, the guide informs that it will help babies learn the difference between playtime (daytime) and sleep time (night time).

Going contrary to the belief that a quiet, noise-free environment is best for your baby, the guide encourages you to make use of white noise. In fact, the authors inform that while in your womb, a baby is accustomed to hearing noises similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, which is one of the sounds found in white noise music.

You’re therefore encouraged to add a white noise machine to the baby’s nursery. This, the couple says will be a source of comfort to the little one, and holding your baby may soon be a “thing of the past” once the white noise begins to take regular effect.

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Other parents, who would’ve tried the tips shared in the guide, have testified to it helping to make their lives much easier. One reviewer has stated that “these baby sleep tips have even first time parents becoming experts at baby sleep training”.

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