Get The Best Tailored Customizable CPA Internet Based Payroll Service For Your Ohio Business On This Site

Jan 24, 2017

Get the best Ohio CPA payroll service for your business and employees by visiting the Toledo CPA site, which offers customizable and tailored payroll solutions for any niche.

An established Ohio based certified public accounting firm has launched a payroll service that offers a different approach than others on the market and is made for the modern online era. has introduced its payroll service as an easy to use, cost-effective solution that is fully customizable, combining professional expertise with existing knowledge of the client's business.

More information is available at:

Using state of the art technology that enables to customize the payroll service to meet the specific needs of any client, it offers a service that includes payroll check printing, direct deposit of payroll checks, automatic deposit of payroll taxes and full federal, state and local payroll reporting compliance.

In addition to this, the payroll service comes with paycards, complete 401-K administrative and management services, and "pay-as-you-go" Workers' Comp. Unemployment insurance is also included, along with all quarter-end and year-end reporting and filings.

The company explains that the IRS views failing to pay payroll taxes as an especially serious issue and is viewed as the cardinal sin of tax delinquency because a large portion of the payroll taxes are the withholdings of employees. This means that when a business doesn't pay its payroll taxes, it is almost like taking money from the employees.

Anyone needing to deal with the IRS in regards to their payroll taxes is encouraged to get in touch with an expert like, which can offer free consultations to discuss the matter at hand.

The website explains that the company provides high quality accounting service to its client, with a focus on three underlying principles of work. These are professionalism, responsiveness, and quality.

As a leading Ohio CPA firm, it prides itself on innovation and providing close, personal attention to each client. This is of benefit to the clients, because each company and each individual is different, and it's important to have a CPA firm that can cater for any unique needs that may arise.

Full information on the payroll service and other services the company provides is available on the website by visiting the URL provided above.

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