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Nov 6, 2020

Opulent Media offers the super efficient marketing and media relations solution you need for your Spokane dental practice – go to to find out more!

Looking for the best way to grow your Spokane dental practice? Opulent Media will get your name featured in top media outlets and skyrocket your online marketing success!

The agency announced the availability of a high-quality content-based digital marketing solution for local dentists. Opulent Media helps you improve your online visibility and overall marketing success by creating and distribution professional multimedia content campaigns.

Go to to find out more!

The latest announcement aims to provide an efficient marketing solution designed to substantially expand the market reach and online presence of dental practices in Spokane and the surrounding areas.

With over 90% of all US adults using the internet to find local businesses in their area, investing in a professional online marketing strategy is essential.

The new content-based service has been designed as an effective alternative to traditional paid advertising, lead generation and SEO.

If you decide to partner with Opulent Media you’ll benefit from the development of professional content centered around your brand profile and target audience. The agency works with a team of experienced content writers, marketing strategists and other experts to create articles, blog posts, podcasts, slideshows and videos for your practice.

The content is published on more than 400 high-authority digital platforms, including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates. This results in significant improvements in terms of online visibility, reputation and industry authority.

Since all content is optimized for improved Google performance, a single campaign can result in multiple first-page rankings. Many clients have reported reaching the first page for their target keywords within as early as 48 hours after the launch of the campaign – much faster than the months it may take using standard SEO.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our solutions are broad and of extremely high value. We do our work by using a mixture of software automation, AI and a talented writing and marketing team. Using our marketing expertise and connections with large authority sites, we are able to publish custom content marketing campaigns across hundreds of sites in multiple formats to drive more traffic to your business.”

With the latest announcement, Opulent Media continues to expand its range of high-quality digital marketing solutions for local businesses in Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Ready for the high-quality dental marketing and media relations you need? Go to or click on the link above to get started!

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