Get The Best Solar Power Services For Energy Independence In Victorville, CA

Jul 24, 2021

Do you want freedom from your energy company? Learn how solar panel installations can save you money and help you become self-sufficient with Option One Solar’s services in Apple Valley.

Are you looking to break free from your energy provider? Would you like to learn your options regarding solar power and how much it could save you?

Option One Solar has announced its updated services for homeowners like you looking to save money on utility bills with solar panels in and around the Apple Valley region of California.

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The services include property analysis, design, financing, and installation of solar paneling for properties to help you find energy freedom by disconnecting from your provider.

While the use of solar power for homes is becoming increasingly popular, you may be unsure of the process and legal restraints relating to disconnecting from the grid. These restrictions often stem from energy companies trying to tie you into payment plans and prevent you from becoming self-sufficient.

Option One Solar’s updated services provide you with everything you need to break free from your energy provider in Apple Valley.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the California company can analyze your home’s current energy use to accurately design a solar power system that meets your needs. Furthermore, the company considers the roofing of your property so they can plan where panels would be best located to harness the most energy with specific designs for pitched or flat roofs. 

You are also able to learn exactly how much an installation will cost and the long-term saving potentials of using solar power prior to your installation. By offering transparent payments terms and saving information, Option One Solar gives you confidence in your decision to switch to solar power.

To assist with the legal aspect of their installations, the company also obtains any necessary permits from the city authorities before starting a project. This allows you to know that your systems have been authorized, with any relevant paperwork available should you need it.

Option One Solar has several years of experience in the energy industry, having been founded by Jerry Thomas, who worked as an electrical supervisor on the Apollo Space Program and served seventeen years with Edison Testing Laboratories. Using this industry insight, the company incorporates ‘space program standards’ for their projects with high-quality tools and methods.

Learn how you can find energy independence with solar panel installations from Option One Solar in Apple Valley, California, today!

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