Get The Best Soccer Coaches For Arlington Kids Through This Virtual Coaching Platform

Nov 5, 2020

For many, the best soccer coaches don’t live nearby, making learning both expensive and time-consuming. Blayze gives you a virtual platform where you and your kids can learn from anywhere in the world!

If you’re looking for a soccer coach for your teens but find most professionals too pricey then check out Blayze’s online platform. With Blayze you pay less, your kids can learn personally from the world’s best soccer coaches, and best of all there’s no risk of exposure to the Coronavirus! announces the availability of its personalized virtual soccer coaching sessions for teens, particularly in the Arlington VA, San Francisco, and Berkeley, CA areas. The start-up online platform entails having an individually recorded athlete session analyzed and critiqued by professional athletes in soccer and other sports.

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The company understands that for soccer coaching to truly make a difference it must be a personalized experience. This has however not been possible for many athletes, as learning personally from the best soccer coaches in the world has either been expensive or inaccessible. Hence the launch of the newly announced innovative virtual coaching platform, which is spearheaded by Co-founder Dion von Moltke, a former professional championship-winning race car driver.

The program works with boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18, at any experience level, who’re required to first upload videos of themselves working on their technique, to the Blayze soccer coach. The coach then reviews the video and films a personalized video analysis coaching session, explaining exactly what you need to improve on, how it can be improved, and why it is important. 

You’re allowed to follow up with that specific coach and continue to work with him/her in the future to track progress. This process makes it easy for your kids to accomplish any goals they may have, whether it be to make it as a professional, to just make the team they want to be on, to score more goals, or to just be better at what you do on the field.

The coaching sessions offered by Blayze have made learning personally from the best soccer coaches in the world both affordable and easily accessible. The soccer classes take the form of one-on-one video analysis coaching sessions, video training, and drills videos.

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Given that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused virtual coaching to become the norm, Blayze has taken a leadership position through its virtual soccer coaching sessions. This platform is ideal for those teenagers who live nearby to professional soccer coaches but find their training prices too exorbitant and do not want to risk exposure to the virus via face-to-face lessons.

One of the benefits of signing up for the online personalized soccer coaching sessions is the self-paced convenience it offers. This means that there is no scheduling and you can learn in your own time, from anywhere. Your kids are also afforded the opportunity of watching and re-watching coaching sessions as many times as they see fit.

Other key benefits include cost-efficiency and effectiveness. According to a spokesperson for Blayze, the company offers personalized learning from the world’s best soccer coaches for up to 95% less money than in-person coaching. Additionally, the easy-to-understand visual sessions have been proven to help upcoming soccer players improve significantly in their skills while rewatching the videos have helped with personal development.

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To ensure that your kids are working with the best coaches in the world, the Blayze team comprises current NWSL stars, Olympic Gold Medalist soccer players, along with MLS and Collegiate coaches. Blayze offers a money-back guarantee to you if you’re not entirely satisfied with the training provided.

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