Get The Best San Ramon Knee Pain Relief Natural Chiropractic Therapy Treatments

Mar 6, 2021

Put your knees in the hands of specialist professionals for pain relief and a better quality of life – call Golden State Medical Center at +1-925-838-4462 to find out more!

Knee pain isn’t something you have to live with – Golden State Medical Center’s knee specialists will diagnose the cause of your suffering before providing all-natural treatment options best suited for your case! 

San Ramon, California-based holistic healthcare practice Golden State Medical Center has updated its comprehensive range of treatments for knee pain. Their specialized integrative and regenerative medical practitioners offer you an extensive line of rehabilitation and therapy treatments to help alleviate your pain or discomfort. 

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The newly updated services launch as Golden State Medical Center further expands its courses of treatments focusing on knee conditions and injuries. Its professionals work to provide you with an accurate diagnosis before advising on personalized treatment options designed to suit your needs.

Golden State Medical Center explains that knee joint dysfunction is the most frequent contributor to inflammation and pain in the knee area. This is typically caused by acute trauma, such as sports injuries or falls, or accumulative trauma, as the repetition of physical activity breaks down tissues in the knee. As such, they aim for their services to bring you broad-spectrum pain relief. 

If you’re in San Ramon and the surrounding region, you’ll benefit from the practice’s effective range of knee-targeted treatment techniques. The center offers a truly integrative approach to knee pain.

As a specialist treatment, their board-certified medical professionals administer regenerative medicine to repair damaged tissue in the knee. Injections can further serve to provide cushioning in the affected area, which can eliminate the need to take pain medications and help to prevent costly surgery.

Physical rehabilitation therapy is also provided, which aims to strengthen and stretch the musculature to correct the underlying muscle imbalance that may have contributed to the underlying cause of the knee pain. Also, chiropractic care services to correct dysfunctional joints, leading to reductions in symptoms and improved function of the knee.

The medical center emphasizes that you’ll require a unique course of treatments that meet your individual requirements. In addition to their other options, they can fit you with off-loading knee braces to facilitate healing.

As a specialist treatment, their board-certified medical professionals also administer regenerative medicine to repair damaged tissue in your knee. Injections can further serve to provide cushioning in the affected area, which can help to prevent you from having to shell out on costly surgery! 

According to company representatives, regenerative medicine is a particularly hopeful branch of healthcare. Utilizing natural Human Cellular Tissue Products and Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, and prolotherapy, their medical professionals aim to help you by reducing your pain and improving your ability to function. 

“Knee pain sufferers can become dependent on taking pain relief medications to get through their daily lives,” said a spokesperson. “These medications have many side effects that can lead to additional health problems. Regenerative medicine is natural, and appears to be a more effective approach to providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, and regenerating healthier tissue – without dangerous side effects.” 

These targeted pain relief therapy services are the bee’s knees – you can watch and learn more about Golden State Medical Center and its variety of natural treatment options for your knee pain! 

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