Get The Best San Antonio Roofer Marketing With Expert Media Relations & PR

Mar 8, 2021

Ready for the high-quality roofing marketing solutions you need in Texas? Squawkia offers the powerful media campaigns you need to skyrocket your marketing success in 2021 – go to to find out more!

Creating a powerful strategy for your Texas roofing business is difficult and time consuming – but it doesn’t have to. With Squawkia, you’ll get access to hundreds of media platforms featuring your business – and the process is entirely Done For You!

The agency offers creative content marketing campaigns allowing you to have your services featured on hundreds of reputable digital platforms, thus significantly improving your online visibility and reputation.

Roofing contractors interested in dominating their local market in Google Maps can click here to get started.

The announcement comes as the competition for online visibility has grown fiercer than ever, with studies showing a 13% increase in overall digital marketing spend in 2020 over 2019. The trend is likely to accentuate in 2021, as businesses across sectors are looking for innovative ways to connect with the ever-expanding digital audiences.

Staying competitive, however, can be very difficult – and many local businesses find it hard to create a sustainable strategy during the complex current social and economic climate.

A spokesperson for the agency explained: “Deciding how to grow a business today has become so complicated that many roofing contractors simply disregard and ignore the thought altogether.”

“This isn’t good, it's terrible. Not just for an owner and their roofing company but the employees too. If we ignore focusing on a growth strategy, a business will not survive,” they added.

Squawkia gives you a fully managed digital marketing solution that will help you see substantial improvements in your digital marketing efficiency.

The foundation of the agency’s strategy is the development of professional branded content for your business. Your roofing business will be featured in news articles, videos, blog posts, podcasts and other branded content adapted to your target keywords and fully customized according to your preferences.

Squawkia creates a custom strategy based on a thorough analysis of your brand profile, key local audience, current Google visibility and other relevant factors.

Published on over 400 media platforms, the content campaigns give you important benefits in terms of online visibility and reputation. You will be able to get more focused traffic and attract more leads and clients.

The agency works with a team of expert content creators and marketing strategists, helping you rank for high-intent keywords – an important factor that leads to significantly higher ROI per visitor compared to general “catch-all” campaigns.

To ensure high standards of quality and professionalism, the services are covered by a 30-day satisfaction-guarantee.

Go to to find out more!

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