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Mar 2, 2017

If you’re looking for a storage space that’s so secure even local law enforcement uses it, then Gard Dog Storage is your no.1 Muskegon storage solution! With 24/7 security camera, ID-based access and strong perimeter fencing, this amazing facility will offer the secure storing you need, adding more than 140 new storage units!

Gard Dog Storage, a professional storage facility located in Muskegon, Michigan, announced an expansion of its storage capacity through indoor storage units, outdoor facilities and the option of lockable shipping containers.

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Secure storage is essential for both residential and commercial parties looking to deposit a variety of material resources. Storing resources at home or on the business premises is often an ineffective use of space, with many looking for private storage facilities.

Security is crucial for a store and lock facility, as even minor vulnerabilities can cause significant financial losses. Gard Dog Storage is a professional storage facility providing secure storage solutions to local clients since 1999.

Since 2002, the storage facility has been functioning at almost full capacity, making a near future expansion necessary. The facility will be enlarged to include more than 140 new indoor and outdoor storage units, as well as lockable shipping containers.

One of the key points of the company’s vision is providing full security to its clients. To this extent, the company has taken all necessary measures to increase perimeter security, with 24/7 security cameras, gated ID-based access, perimeter security fencing and other security measures. The high safety of the storage facility has led even local law enforcement to use the services of Gard Dog Storage.

The company works hard to provide all clients with secure storage solutions. The constant storage quality of the facility has resulted in long-term partnerships with a variety of local residential, commercial and public clients. Some of the Gard Dog Storage clients have been using the company’s storage services for years, with the average usage time ranging from 6 to 12 months.

To increase payment convenience, clients can pay their storage rent online and will receive a text 5 days prior to the payment date. This is becoming the preferred method of payment for clients, making sure their payments are on time, rather than sending payments through the mail and hoping it's been received before the due date.

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