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Sep 14, 2021

Have you recently relocated and are searching for a local pharmacy to fill all of your prescriptions? Contact Slippery Rock Pharmacy today for their easy prescription transfer service. This is available to all residents of Grove City, Pennsylvania. Call them today at (724-406-0800)!

Slippery Rock Pharmacy can have your prescriptions transferred over to their store, or they can send your refills to the drugstore of your choosing in Grove City. This means all your medicine will be conveniently filled at only one place. 

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With their Rx transfer service, Slippery Rock Pharmacy continues to provide you with personalized and professional attention. Even if you or your family moves away to a new location, the Pharmacy is still available to assist.

If you choose to have all your medicine transferred and filled at Slippery Rock Pharmacy, you are gaining peace of mind. At times, certain prescriptions are hard to find in all locations, and the pharmaceutical services there will make sure to have them ready each time.

This is crucial to your health and wellbeing. You can be sure you won’t be missing the filling of medication or spending time locating a store that carries it.

The steps to transfer medicine over to another pharmacy is simple. You call the new pharmacy and share the prescription number, name, and strength. The phone number of the old pharmacy must also be supplied. 

Some personal information along with your insurance details needs to be given as well. If online transfers are available, you can do this through the pharmacy’s website or portal. 

From there on out the new pharmacy will handle the rest of the process. Normally it will take 1-3 days to complete.

Slippery Rock Pharmacy specializes in retail pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter and prescription medication, pill packing, and prescription filling. They pride themselves on being able to help their patients with essential questions about their medicine. 

About Slippery Rock Pharmacy

Managed by a licensed Pharmacist, and member of the Pennsylvanian Pharmacist Association, Slippery Rock Pharmacy has been dedicated to serving the local area since 2015. 

Whether they are filling prescriptions, moving prescriptions, answering questions, or communicating with doctors, your health is always the main focus.

A happy customer says: “Clint is very kind and caring. He makes sure I get refills from my doctor in a timely manner if my prescription runs out, and answers any questions I have about my medication. Highly recommended.”

Call Slippery Rock Pharmacy today for all your prescription needs!

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