Get The Best Romance Novels Collection Set In The Old West For You To Enjoy

Dec 1, 2020

Author Amelia Rose has published her collection of the first four Montana Westward Brides in her mail order bride historical western romance series, which aims to provide you with tales of love, danger, and destiny against the backdrop of the Old West.

Are you looking for your next romance book series to read? Would you like a boxset of four mail order historical western romance novels?

Amelia Rose has recently released her Montana Westward Brides boxset of novels on Amazon, which contains books one to four of her mail order bride historical western romance novels for you to enjoy.

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The release, which is available in both kindle and paperback formats, contains the first four novels in the Montana Westward Brides series, which includes 'The Reckless Doctor's Bride,' 'The Rancher's Unexpected Pregnant Bride,' 'The Lonesome Cowboy's Abducted Bride,' and 'The Sheriff's Stubborn Secretive Bride' that aim to entertain you with the lives of passionate heroines and their quests to find love.

The historical western romance genre often aims to encapsulate the times of the Old West and the lives of people during the period, coupled with romance storylines that present the themes of love alongside the trials and tribulations of the main characters. The Montana Westward Brides novels by Amelia Rose are no exception to this and aim to provide you with compelling tales of love, danger, and destiny for the main characters.

As you read the stories found within the box set benefit, you will find tales that cover a range of characters, such as Lucy Magee, whose marriage to a doctor is troubled by anonymous threats. Other characters found within the pages include Martha Walters, who leaves a brothel behind to marry an older man but whose secrets of her past threaten her happiness; Fiona Wilkins, who wants to leave her high society life but is due to be auctioned off by her father; and Emily Middleton whose marriage to a man of the law isn't all she hoped for.

The four Montana Westward Brides books collected in the newly released box set currently has over 190 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five at the time of writing, with one reviewer saying, "I found it hard to stop reading about such adventuresome women that helped settle Montana. The radical difference encountered in lifestyle by these pioneers had to have been challenging, to say the least."

The author of the Montana Westward Brides novels, Amelia Rose, is a self-proclaimed romance addict who aims to entertain people with her stories of love and passions. She has several series available alongside her Montana Westward Brides series, including Bear Creek Brides and Carson Hill Ranch.

Find your next favorite romance series with Amelia Rose’s boxset of Montana Westward Bride novels today!

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