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Sep 4, 2017

Zing, a Rensselaer, Indiana TV and internet provider, launched all-digital HD TV packages for clients interested in the latest digital television technology. The company offers access to a wide range of channels, providing superior infrastructure, high-quality digital pictures, and flexible contracts and packages.

Zing, a TV provider based in Rensselaer, Indiana, announced the introduction of all-digital HD television services. Aiming to provide the local community with high-tech TV supported by optimal infrastructure and superior image quality, the company’s new services comply with the latest standards in digital TV technology.

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Digital television offers a wide range of benefits over analog television or satellite technology, including superior stability during weather interference, high definition picture quality, and more convenience in adding or removing various channels.

To respond to the constant demand for premium HD TV services, Zing introduced all-digital TV packages for clients in Rensselaer, Indiana.

The company offers clients access to a wide range of TV services for different needs and budgets, including channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Encore and various others.

To provide clients with the best in digital television technology, Zing offers exclusively uncompressed 100% digital picture quality. Coupled with high-definition audio, the company’s digital TV services offer a modern viewing experience.

For improved accessibility and convenience, Zing Cable TV packages come with a unique remote to control both the TV and the cable box.

Due to its solid infrastructure, the company’s digital TV services are not vulnerable to the various weather events affecting a satellite signal. Clients can thus enjoy their favorite shows even during rain and wind, without worrying about transmission loss or defective picture quality.

The company’s services come with no long-term contracts, allowing clients to make various adjustments to their plans whenever necessary.

According to general manager Eric Galbreath, customer satisfaction is at the heart of Zing’s vision: "We're excited to offer greater capabilities to our customers with our HD Digital TV upgrade. This allows us to offer stable and clear picture quality to all our viewers. Zing is focused on delivering the best experience to our customers whether it be through our TV, Internet or phone services."

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