Get The Best Ranking Bot Facebook Marketing Expert Solution For Amazon Sellers

Sep 2, 2019

Looking for the best ranking bot for Amazon sellers? Check out the new ranking bot by expert digital marketing agency DefDevice for the chatbot that will allow you to build your very own product tester community!

If you are struggling with launching a new product and getting first reviews and rankings on Amazon, DefDevice, a digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, has the solution for you. The company’s new ranking bot was built, tested and optimised to help sellers just like you launch their products and get initial reviews.

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Facebook marketing has become incredibly popular in the last few years, providing you with an effective means of targeting specific audiences efficiently with sponsored advertisements in user feeds.

Private Amazon sellers have also discovered the advantage of using Facebook marketing to target the desired audience with a simplified search interface directly.

DefDevice helps you create Facebook Messenger bots for marketing, sales and customer service. Chatbots can help you with product launches, reviews, ranking, interacting with customers, and many more.

The service includes installation of the chat bot system on your Facebook page, customising the bot to your specific needs (products, links, subscriber qualification), training in case you want to get involved and do some tweaks yourself, Google sheet integration, 3 months of support if you opt for the “Bot + FB Page” package, custom branded Facebook page, and many more.

This is a Messenger chatbot platform that allows you to send messages, broadcasts, embed chat widgets, all while targeting your desired audience!

You will finally be able to set up your very own product tester community. When a customer sends a message to yourFacebook page, the ranking bot takes over and does all the talking. All you need to do is send PayPal payments to those who have submitted their feedback.

Basically, all the heavy-lifting is done by the chatbot. The only step that needs your action is the part where you refund the customer and decide whether you want to ask for a review or not!

Amazon seller and digital marketer Dano F. said: “Knowing the challenges of product launches from first hand experience, I built and optimised this chat bot system for myself. And I am quite happy with the results it creates. Now you can benefit from it too.”

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