Get The Best Queensland Accredited Solar System Provider For Affordable Energy Plan Rebates & Loans

Nov 11, 2018

Solar Xpress is now available for residents and landlords interested in having a new solar energy system installed under the Queensland Government Affordable Energy Plan.

  • get the best queensland accredited solar system provider for affordable energy p
  • get the best queensland accredited solar system provider for affordable energy p

Solar Xpress, a Brendale, Queensland company specializing in solar energy solutions, announced that it is an accredited installer for the Queensland Government Affordable Energy Plan. The company provides residential solar energy systems, allowing homeowners and landlords to benefit from energy-efficient solar installations partially financed by the Queensland Government, as well as save money by feeding excess energy back into the system.

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Queensland has a major potential for solar energy, with official estimates predicting that by 2019 approximately 21% of all Queensland’s power will come from renewable sources. The current government incentives make solar energy attractive for residents and landlords, who can save money on new solar energy systems if they work with an accredited installer.

Solar Xpress provides a wide range of solar energy applications for residential and real estate clients throughout Queensland.

The company offers a full initial savings analysis to help prospective clients get an overview of how much they could save by having a solar energy system installed. Based on each client’s needs, Solar Xpress then offers complete installation services, using the best equipment to guarantee high standards of quality and energy efficiency.

Clients working with the Brendale company receive a full booklet explaining the use of their new system, as well as an extensive overview of the warranty policy.

Under the Affordable Energy Plan, homeowners benefit from no-interest loans and rebates for the purchase of solar and battery systems. The Queensland Government also provides incentives for landlords investing in solar energy for their properties.

SolarXpress is fully accredited for the Affordable Energy Plan and provides complete consulting for anyone interested in benefiting from the current government incentives.

The company will continue to invest in the development of new solar energy solutions for residential and commercial clients. With more than 31 years of industry experience, SolarXpress is one of Queensland’s leading providers of solar energy solutions, having served thousands of satisfied clients in Brendale and other brisbane north areas.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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