Get The Best Plants & Animals Building Block Sets For Boys & Girls To Learn & Play Safely

Jul 27, 2018

Click-A-Brick updated its collection of high-quality building block sets to cover a wide range of themes, from animals and plants to cars and airplanes. The sets are made according to the latest standards of safety and quality to eliminate chocking hazards and maximize learning opportunities.

Click-A-Brick, an online store specializing in educational toys for children aged four and above, launched an updated collection of building block sets for both boys and girls. The sets come in various themes, including dinosaurs, birds, cars, airplanes and various others, with individual pieces being approximately one inch by one inch in size to eliminate the risk of choking.

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Building blocks are popular toys with children throughout the world. Appreciated for their versatility, these toys also have an important educational value, promoting cognitive development in areas such as motor coordination, spatial awareness, fine motor skills and many others.

Click-A-Brick announced an update of its popular building block sets for children aged four and above. Developed by educational experts and manufactured according to the latest standards of safety and quality, the sets are ideal for both boys and girls, covering a wide range of themes and educational concepts.

The new collection includes the 30-piece Animal Kingdom set, coming with step-by-step instructions for building a lion and with illustrative pictures encouraging children to discover how to build other animals. The set can keep children engaged for hours on end, offering plenty of entertainment and educational opportunities.

Other sets include Dino Pals, Feather Friends, Rainforest Rascals, Mighty Machines and Rockin’ Racers. With the latest collection update, Click-A-Brick strives to diversify its range of engaging and educative toys.

A satisfied parent said: “I love the Click-A-Brick concept. They lock together very securely, which makes them great for tiny hands, and they are surprisingly versatile. They’re square rather than rectangular like most building sets, which allows for more “graph paper” like designs. My six-year-old son is a huge fan, and his only complaint was that he needed more blocks to finish his creation, which is an easy fix.”

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