Get The Best Online Preschool Program For Your Kids From Growing Brilliant Today

Apr 8, 2021

Take the first steps back to working life and trust the experts at Growing Brilliant to give your child the best online preschool program. Give your kids the start they deserve today.

Want to get back to work after maternity or paternity leave? Contact Growing Brilliant and sign your child up for a free trial of an innovative online preschool program today!

Growing Brilliant, an online pre-school academy, have launched an expansion in their early years education services for parents seeking to transition back to work who want to give their kids a fun and stimulating introduction to home learning.

If you’re concerned about making the right choice for your child’s early learning experience, let the expert team at Growing Brilliant talk you through their curriculum-led online program. For more information go to

Growing Brilliant offer you their services for any children between the ages of 2 and 6. You can access this innovative online program from anywhere in the U.S. Preschool classes are taught live through video chat software by fully qualified and experienced teachers, giving your child a fun, creative and nourishing learning program at a crucial stage in their development.

Online preschool programs provide a unique way to introduce young children to early education, enabling them to gain a measure of independence and confidence while still being at home. After months of maternity or paternity leave and being able to focus solely on your children, you may be understandably apprehensive at the prospect of separation as you move back towards working life. With online preschool, you can be on hand for your kids but are not expected to participate, freeing up much needed time to prepare for a return to working life while turning your home into an environment in which you, and your children, can test the waters of early education.

Growing Brilliant preschool classes cover a comprehensive range of curriculum based subjects including, art, STEM, sensory, science, social studies, literacy and counting. The program is delivered through Growing Brilliant’s virtual classroom, designed to emulate a traditional preschool experience. Children learn with other children, building friendships and learning from one another.

Curriculum boxes, containing crayons, scissors, paints, clay, worksheets and more, are shipped to students on a regular basis, enabling you to prepare the class equipment for your children before handing over to the professionals.

You can try a class for free to see if the Growing Brilliant online preschool program is a good fit for you. The classes focus on the social-emotional, creative, intellectual and cognitive growth of enrollees, based on High Scope and Common Core philosophies.

Growing Brilliant are a dedicated team of early years education experts, based in Roseville, California. The company deliver modern, holistic education for young children through their innovative online program as well as in-person preschool services in Folsom, Granite Bay, Sacramento and Roseville, CA.

According to one happy parent, “Our boys love attending the online classes. They do so many fun projects and it keeps them engaged and really having fun. They are learning too and I am pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the program. I definitely would recommend.”

With the expansion of their online preschool services, Growing Brilliant continue to make quality, forward-thinking early years education accessible to you, enabling a smooth transition back to your working life and giving your kids access to fun, high-quality learning. If you would like to find out more please visit

If you want to make sure your child gets the very best introduction to early learning, contact Growing Brilliant and enroll your child today!

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