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Jul 23, 2021

Looking for the best child development experts? Visit curaFUN’s website today for their digital curriculum subscriptions that will help your child improve their learning!

Worried about the impact the pandemic has had on your child's learning? Visit curaFUN's website for their wide range of programs designed to support your child in their educational journey!

CuraJOY dba curaFUN, a non-profit organization offering online gamified social-emotional learning curriculums, has updated its StrengthBuilders subscriptions to help children regain the learning loss caused by the world’s current pandemic. The company is dedicated to helping children build their emotional fitness and confidence.

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CuraFUN’s recently updated StrengthBuilders curriculum is a subscription-based collection of programs that were developed to enhance your child’s social-emotional skills, performance, and behavioral readiness.

The current pandemic has caused a significant impact on children’s education and home lives. Experts are pointing toward social-emotional learning as the essential tool that will help recover this learning loss. Studies have found that improving a child’s social-emotional learning will help resolve their academic shortcomings and help to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The organization’s StrengthBuilders subscription offers unlimited access to their wide range of programs that are designed to assess, improve, and support the social emotional skills of children between the ages of 5 to 11 in a home or classroom setting. The curriculum is available in both English and Chinese and can be easily adopted by students, teachers, and administrators with no additional staff training costs.

There are many options for the StrengthBuilders subscription including a yearly plan, a 6-month subscription, or a month-by-month option. The curriculum’s initial assessments offer a social-emotional evaluation which will help to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion, your child will get a report with their scores and see how they compare to the scores of others. Based on the scores, your child will then receive personalized programs to target the areas they need to work on.

CuraFUN is dedicated to helping improve children’s confidence, resilience, motivation, and multilingualism, especially in the Asian communities. The organization’s StrengthBuilder games, Multilingual Immersions, and personalized comics have a special focus on cultivating global competitive advantage, life skills, and character development designed to support children’s lasting achievements.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The relationship between academic achievement and social-emotional development is bilateral and symbiotic. Parents play a crucial role in their children’s lives, so we not only welcome the involvement of parents but view them as vital partners in their children’s growth.”

CuraFUN are the trusted child development experts you can rely on - visit their website today to learn more about their offered programs and resources!

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