Get The Best Old Hickory Playhouse Delivered To Your Junction City, OR Backyard

Oct 10, 2022

From classic barn designs to your own custom ideas for home storage, get the perfect solution and design your own prefab outbuilding. Delivery and setup are included in the price. Why wouldn’t you call Oregon Backyard Buildings?! (541-650-6138)

Get The Best Old Hickory Playhouse Delivered To Your Junction City, OR Backyard

How are you for storage space at home? If you're anything like the rest of us, you could always use a little more, or more again! Get a custom, prefab barn, garage, or playhouse from the folks at Oregon Backyard Buildings!

The Junction City, OR-based supplier of Old Hickory Sheds has just updated its extensive range of storage buildings and installation services.

If you're based anywhere throughout Lane County and beyond, you should browse the company's lofted barns, small houses, sheds, studios, cabins, and garages. You're sure to find something that meets your needs. Get your very own customized outbuilding, designed, assembled, and installed according to your exact specifications.

Reinvent your outdoor space and free up your indoor storage with Oregon Backyard Buildings. More details at

The announcement details Oregon Backyard Buildings' diverse and versatile inventory, offering customers a broad choice of widths, heights, and construction styles. All buildings are made using high-quality materials and come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Prefabricated buildings offer consumers a quick and convenient way to furnish their property with robust outdoor storage or a comfortable home-working solution. The Backyard Buildings team works around the clock to ensure all orders are delivered and set up swiftly - ready for immediate use.

You can choose from a range of packages. These include the Garage Package which gives you a choice of lengths ranging from 12 to 16 feet. All models come with a 2 x 3 window and a traditionally-styled door.

Another recent addition to the Oregon Backyard Buildings collection is the Playhouse Package, a fetching design that can keep your kids entertained and clutter out of the home. A deluxe version is also available with a windowed door, four posts, and a porch area that covers two sides of the building.

Setup is included in the price of any order but you're responsible for supplying the concrete blocks needed as a base for all models. The installation team provides the necessary pressure-treated shims.

The company also has an advanced online 3D Shed Builder tool. This enables you to design and visualize your custom design and get a quotation too.

A spokesperson says, “Our drivers come equipped with everything they need to do the job including cedar shims, pressure-treated blocks, pavers, and even concrete cinder blocks. Old Hickory Sheds are usually delivered in 7-14 days from the lot depending on the time of year, size of the shed, and other factors.”

For more info, and to browse the full range, go to

From barns to sheds, garages to playhouses, you'll find what you need at Oregon Backyard Buildings.

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