Get The Best Offsite modular MMC Consulting Services With This UK Specialist

Dec 16, 2019

If you’re looking for the best consulting services for MMC, then Modularesi can help! Check out their full range of services here.

  • get the best offsite modular mmc consulting services with this uk specialist
  • get the best offsite modular mmc consulting services with this uk specialist

If you’re looking for the best on offsite hybrid modular construction, you’ve come to the right place. Modularesi provides consultancy services to councils, housing associations and developers throughout the UK.

Are you considering using Offsite MMC to speed up your development process? Then Modularesi has you covered. They can help clients to speed up their development process using offsite hybrid and volumetric accredited building systems.

Modularesi have launched a new consultancy service for modern methods of construction for UK developers, councils, housing associations, architects, cost consultants and self builders.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Modularesi can provide a modern methods of construction MMC, full design and build modelling service.

They provide consultancy services for all types of modular modern methods of construction. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch to discuss their unique needs and goals.

As part of their new consultancy service, they work with developers who are thinking of using affordable modular offsite MMC to speed up their build times.

In using offsite manufactured MMC modular housing solutions, developers can get their sites built out quicker. This allows the finished units to be marketed and sold faster.

Modularesi explain that they can also assist manufacturers who would like more customers to buy their products.

Thirdly, the team can provide consulting services for architect sales. Whenever architects would like to offer affordable MMC modular housing to their clients, they can rely on Modularesi.

There are a number of benefits for offsite modern methods of construction for modular housing. For example, quality can more easily be monitored and managed, better energy efficiency, up to 70% lower carbon emissions than the average house produces, fuel poverty is tackled and they are greener homes for the future. All of the benefits mentioned can meet an EPC B rating without the use of mechanical ventilation, U Values are passive and air tests are very low at between 3.1-3.9 of 50 pascal (50N/m2). If solar and battery storage is added at an extra cost then it is possible to achieve carbon neutral or zero. This will contribute to climate change in a very big way.

Workforce training and management is easier, and there’s also a reduced risk of delays. In addition to this, because of the way the property is erected, there is less inconvenience for neighbours.

The team states: “Modularesi provides consultancy services to councils, housing associations & developers for all types of affordable & social modular housing using offsite modern methods of construction MMC. Please contact Modularesi below to discuss your offsite modular modern methods of construction MMC needs.”

Full details of the services provided can be found at:

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