Get The Best Ocala Small Welding Service Repairs For Trailers & RV Campers

Aug 12, 2022

Believe it or not, if you just join pieces of metal without nuts and bolts, the whole process can be riveting! But sometimes, that’s just not what’s needed! If your trailer is a little banged up, call R&B Hitch Of Ocala (352-572-1090).

Get The Best Ocala Small Welding Service Repairs For Trailers & RV Campers

Often as not, the cure for a beat-up trailer is just a little loving - and welding!

R&B Hitch Of Ocala, which is led by Robby Billings, now offers to perform welding jobs if you are looking to either upgrade, modify or repair the bodywork on one or many of your vehicles.

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The company, whose namesake owner has 20 years of experience in custom hitch installations and repairs, now provides welding services for a range of automotive applications - from fabricating bumpers, shock/motor mounts, and roll-cages, to various repairs on an as-needed basis. This service complements the firm’s additional offerings, including RV camper and bicycle hitch installations, as well as trailer wheel bearing repack and lube services.

Florida is among the top five states in the country for freight transport. Truck trailers are typically used to move goods and commodities - they are pulled from one location to another by the truck or any vehicle using hitches. They are primarily employed by cargo firms to move goods across the country, but they can also be used for leisure activities like transporting mobile homes, fishing boats, or luggage. Florida also has over 50,000 mobile homes, second only to Texas, and hosts the top two cities nationwide for RV Camper ownership: Cape Coral/Fort Myers and Tampa.

R&B Hitch’s welding services may include filling small body holes, shrinking fender dents, and repairing rust. When you have door dings and dents, the shop can reshape the sheet metal with gas torches and repair them as if they never existed. Over time, suspension and chassis components can also fracture, especially when placed under undue stress. R&B Hitch can address these and other problems too on a case-by-case basis.

If you're a fleet manager, you can avert prospective - and expensive - problems by using the company's preventative maintenance services. The business will take care of the vehicles’ brakes, air conditioning, tires, and electrical systems as well as any damage to the chassis, walls, roof, doors, and body. R&B Hitch can manage regularly scheduled checkups for your fleet to ensure continual roadworthiness - and without costly service disruptions.

The company offers mobile services throughout Central Florida, whether you're a commercial customer or an RV/mobile home owner.

One customer said: “His work is top-notch, and he was neat and professional in every aspect of his work. We were so pleased with the work he did that we had him come back the next day to replace the wheel bearings.”

Nothing lasts forever. But you can sure as heck extend your vehicle's lifetime with some TLC. Not that gas torches are usually associated with tender loving care, but you get the picture!

Go to and remember: Robby comes to you, so there's really no hassle involved!

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