Get The Best New Castle, PA Medication Transfer & Prescription Drugs Delivery

Jul 9, 2021

Looking for a local pharmacy that can transfer and manage your prescriptions? Slippery Rock Pharmacy has all the services you need!

Have you recently moved home but don’t know what to do about your prescriptions? Need a local pharmacy you can trust? Slippery Rock Pharmacy can help you transfer your prescription, and fill it whenever you need it!

Slippery Rock Pharmacy, a neighborhood pharmacy and drug store near New Castle, PA, have launched updates to their services. The business offers pharmacy services such as prescription transfers, prescription filling and sells retail pharmaceuticals.

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The newly updated services offer patients in the New Castle, PA area the opportunity to reduce travel time and inconvenience by transferring and managing prescriptions to and from the pharmacy.

Whether you have one-time or ongoing health issues, managing prescriptions, especially with wide or varied needs, can become complicated. If you’re moving home or have difficulty traveling, this can become a problem when it comes to filling prescriptions, and it’s important to identify a suitable prescription transfer service.

Slippery Rock Pharmacy not only fills your prescriptions but offers a straightforward transfer service, to reduce travel time and make collecting prescriptions more convenient for you. Whether your need is due to relocating or simply having an in-house prescription filled locally, Slippery Rock Pharmacy can help.

The business prides itself on focusing on customers and patients above all else, providing a range of services, and constantly working to stay up-to-date and informed of the newest medical care and knowledge. In addition to filling and moving prescriptions, the company also offers consultations and liaison services between you and your physicians.

Slippery Rock Pharmacy specializes in promptly handling the prescription needs of all their patients, paying particular attention to care and accuracy. Members of the Pennsylvanian Pharmacist Association, the business understands that your health and medication are a priority, and no one should have to wait for their prescription.

This latest service launch is in line with the pharmacy’s commitment to providing customers in New Castle, Boyer, Branchton, West Liberty, Armstrong, and the surrounding area with prompt, professional, and quality services.

A satisfied customer said: “I could not be more pleased with the service received. Friendly, caring staff who took the time to make the appropriate phone calls and deliver prescriptions to my sick daughter. Thanks so much for your professionalism and for going above and beyond.”

Slippery Rock Pharmacy is the caring, dedicated, prompt, and professional pharmacy you need to help fill your prescriptions on time and transfer your information.

Ready to start receiving a truly professional service? Visit to start transferring your prescriptions, now!

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