Get The Best Neck Pain Treatments In Lafayette, CA Without Medication Or Surgery

May 13, 2021

If you are struggling with neck pain and want a natural alternative to medication and surgery, you should know that Lafayette Physical Therapy has launched an update to its non-invasive treatments.

Are you struggling with debilitating neck pain? Do you want natural physical therapy for pain management and relief?

Lafayette Physical Therapy has launched its updated natural treatments in Lafayette, California, to help relieve your neck pain and other muscular pains without the use of medication, injections or surgery. 

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With their updated services, Lafayette Physical Therapy can assist you with posture corrections and pain management that can help to restore your neck’s movement and function. This new program includes the option to utilize pain free Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy alongside a customized physical therapy plan of care for neck pain and dysfunction.

Neck pain can be a debilitating condition that can cause further problems in your day-to-day life, such as headaches, trouble sleeping, and limited mobility. However, you may not want to resort to the use of medication, injections and surgery to treat your condition. Lafayette Physical Therapy offers a solution that can help resolve these problems with natural treatments for you.

Physical therapy treatments from the Lafayette clinic are provided by a team of therapists who create custom treatment programs for you. Furthermore, the clinic offers treatments for all ages and specialized care options if you are an athlete, senior, or pregnant.

For musculoskeletal disorders such as pains in the back, neck, and joints, Lafayette Physical Therapy’s ‘Functional Orthopedic Rehabilitation’ services offer treatments that focus on pre-surgical interventions and that can prevent or delay your need for surgery.

Additionally, the physical therapies from the clinic can assist with improving your strength and conditioning to reduce the risk of future injuries.

With over forty-six years of experience providing treatments for the local community, the clinic offers you professional, cost-effective, and caring services. The experiences and qualifications of the clinic’s therapists also allow them to provide treatments from a range of disciplines such as Mulligan manual therapy, McKenzie, Gary Gray, and Stanley Paris approaches, instrument assisted therapy including Graston techniques, and TRX.

During the current pandemic, the Lafayette clinic is still providing treatments and telehealth physical therapy services. The clinic also has several social distancing precautions in place to ensure the safety of its visiting patients. 

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “We pride ourselves in offering each patient personalized care that is as unique as they are. Our highly experienced staff strive to provide comprehensive care in a comfortable, welcoming environment that is conducive to healing.”

Get natural treatments to relieve your neck pain with Lafayette Physical Therapy’s updated services in California today!  

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