Get The Best Marketing For Physicians, Dentists & all Healthcare Practitioners With This Washington DC Agency

Jul 12, 2020

SBG Innovative Enterprises is your go-to healthcare marketing agency! Led by an expert epidemiologist with extensive marketing experience, the Maryland agency will create unique content-based campaigns to guarantee your online success.

Looking for the best way to get more patients in your target area? Regardless of your location or specialization, this Washington DC Area marketing agency will help you maximize your online visibility!

SBG Innovative Enterprises, an online marketing agency based in Rockville, Maryland, launched a full range of innovative digital marketing solutions for clients in the healthcare industry. Serving both local and national clients, the agency specializes in the development of content-based marketing, reputation and branding campaigns to get your practice in front of more patients.

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The latest announcement aims to provide a highly specialized marketing solution that provides health professionals with an effective way to maximize their online marketing success.

The Rockville marketing agency focuses on quality content as the cornerstone for sustainable online growth.

The service is particularly relevant today, as health practices throughout the world are facing record low levels of patients.

“People have searched the Internet from their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers for decades,” explains the agency. “The current Coronavirus pandemic has drawn countless people to the Internet to contact others while maintaining social distancing. Many who have not used online resources before will continue to use the Internet for many reasons after it is safe to see each other in person. Providers of products and services who can be found on the Internet will do more business.”

Unlike traditional SEO and other marketing strategies, which can be relatively expensive and take months to produce results, the service offered by SBGIE can improve your online presence in just days.

The company has developed a unique marketing approach giving you the chance to get featured on hundreds of high-authority media websites.

A single campaign results in massive online visibility across multiple multimedia platforms. You’ll have your name featured in positive news stories, blog articles, podcasts, slideshows and videos, all of them customized according to your marketing goals.

The agency can create successful healthcare marketing campaigns for physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, chiropractors and practitioners in any other healthcare field.

To support the healthcare community during the current challenging economic climate, SBG Innovative Enterprises is currently offering a 30% discount on its 6-month marketing packages.

SBGIE is a woman-owned marketing agency led by Sharyn Greberman. An experienced marketing specialist with an extensive background in public health research, Sharyn has earned doctoral and master’s degrees in epidemiology and public health from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. For more details, please visit

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