Get the Best Low-Maintenance & Non-Slip Garage Epoxy Floor in Middletown, NJ

Jan 25, 2022

Do you want the best non-slip garage flooring in New Jersey? Grip-Tech Floor Coatings, available at +1-732-614-6929, can help!

Get the Best Low-Maintenance & Non-Slip Garage Epoxy Floor in Middletown, NJ

Our homes, showrooms, and garages can often pose a slip or fall hazard. In colder weather, it’s especially important to have grippy garage or showroom floors. Grip-Tech Floor Coatings is the company you need!

The company explains that homes and businesses do not always have the right level of traction for optimal safety. It’s for this reason that they are expanding their services, to ensure more families and companies enjoy a safe living or working environment.

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The latest move provides easier access to innovative anti-slip coatings, which improve traction and reduce safety hazards. Grip-Tech Floor Coatings have made these available in a variety of styles and colors for added convenience.

You can get in touch for garage floor coatings, patios and walkways improvement, and commercial flooring.

The highly-trained technicians at Grip-Tech Floor Coatings can transform your garage with safe, efficient, and quality project work. One-day installation minimizes disruption for you and the family.

Following the installation, no residue is left behind, and you can use your new floor right away. The innovative process exceeds the recommendations from ANSI, ADA, and OSHA.

Whether you want to improve the curb appeal of your home or create a more durable floor for children and pets, epoxy floor coatings are ideal. The experienced staff can provide guidance through every step of the installation process.

The team provides affordable and low-maintenance options that include concrete refinishing, metallic epoxy, stained concrete coatings, and more. Unlimited color choices are available, making the service suitable for any project.

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The residential, commercial, and industrial flooring specialist takes pride in bringing your vision to life. They work with both business owners and residential properties throughout Monmouth County.

You are encouraged to get in touch to discuss your project and secure a free quote. These are provided with no obligation, as the team’s focus is on ensuring complete satisfaction for you.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Grip Tech offers high-quality solutions including non-slip concrete and epoxy concrete coatings, metallic epoxy flooring, chip epoxies, polyaspartics, and microscopic etching. Our floor systems work great in kitchens, basements, pools, spas, walkways, restaurants, warehouses, garages, and more.”

Are you ready to create a great new floor for your home or business? Get in touch!

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