Get The Best Limited Edition Discontinued Cricut Cartridges With This Retailer

Aug 15, 2020

Crafty Cartridges has launched an online sale of rare, limited-edition, and hard to find Cricut cartridges as well as refurbished machines. It is aimed at home crafters and hobbyists, as well as those who sell personalized merchandise or products.

Do you want access to affordable, rare, limited edition Cricut cartridges? Do you enjoy crafting at home or for your business? Would you like to expand your physical cartridge collection or buy a discounted machine? If you have answered ‘yes’ read on!

A specialist supplier of Cricut® maker machines and rare limited-edition physical cartridges has launched an online sale. It is aimed at you if you enjoy arts and crafts as a hobby as well as those who create personalized products as a side or main job.

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The newly launched sale has been announced by Crafty Cartridges as the company understands you may struggle to buy physical cartridges, particularly if they are rare or limited editions. As you may be aware, Cricut machines offer you the ultimate at-home craft experience, whether for you or your family. They cut intricate, delicate, and lacey designs in multiple materials including paper, vinyl, and card. Some machines can even cut fabric, leather, and wood.

Professional card makers, those of you who enjoy crafting, and business owners who create personalize items to sell can benefit from the specialist cutting machines. As you may know, they are easy to use and offer you intuitive layouts, which enables you to create unique designs. The design space provided by the company allows you to develop ideas on the go as projects can be downloaded to your devices and worked on without internet access.

Cricut machines make your cut projects look professional, whether you prefer to use paper, vinyl, or another material. As with all skills, practice makes perfect and the more you use your machine the more adept you will become. If you want to create personalized items to sell such as mugs, t-shirts, or decals, it is a worthwhile investment.

Crafty Cartridges supplies many refurbished machines that are ideal for you if you want to try this craft method from home, but for less. For instance, the Cricut Expression 12 x 12 Die Cutting Machine and Anna Griffin Bundle is almost half price at $279.99 compared to $499.99 new.

Hard to find, rare, and limited edition physical cartridges are available from the specialist online store including the 3 Birds on Parade Cricut Cartridge, the 50 States edition, which is ideal if you are a geography student or teacher and you want to make your classes more interesting, as well as the Best of Pixar Cricut Cartridge.

A company representative said: “As you probably know, all Cricut Cartridges are retired, which means since 2017 Cricut Cartridges are no longer in production. The remaining brand new Cricut Cartridges for sale at Crafty Cartridges (as well as eBay and Amazon) are the last brand-new cartridges in existence.”

“There are many advantages to buying physical cartridges, including the fact you can find exclusive content designed by creators such as Anna Griffin, Sanrio (Hello Kitty), Disney, Pixar, Teresa Collins, and more,” they added.

You can view the range of hard to find cartridges via the link provided! Alternatively, you can click here

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