Get The Best Lead Generation AI Referral Automation Sales System For Businesses

Mar 6, 2020

Looking for the best digital marketing tool to increase your sales? Check out ConvertLITE today for the clever AI technology tool that will promote your brand for you!

If you're looking to turn your visitors into potential customers and increase sales opportunities, you'll be glad to know that ConvertLITE announced the launch of a new report on the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) referral automation for businesses. AI automates “word of mouth” and “referral getting” online, and can help generate leads and persuade people to buy.

Digital marketing solutions with artificial intelligence are perfect for complementing sales and marketing teams. The newly launched report by ConvertLITE provides detailed information on how businesses and entrepreneurs can increase trust, credibility, conversions and sales using AI social proof automation.

Every business owner aims to get new leads and increase sales. While many businesses still resort to traditional marketing, it is no longer as effective as it used to be. Since the dawn of the Internet, customers can now search for products and services online before buying them.

According to the new report by ConvertLITE, AI can increase sales rates, opt ins, sign ups, list build and prospect conversions by an average of 17.4%.

AI helps to customize offers while your customers are exploring and buying, predicting what they are looking for, presenting more personalized referrals to them, and driving innovations on all sides.

ProveSource is a clever AI technology tool designed to help your business increase revenues with social proof. This new tool comes with a wide range of features, including live visitors count, page visits notification, informational notification, product purchase notification and fully localized notifications.

More information can be found at

ConvertLITE explains that ProveSource is highly effective because it leverages the capability of people to promote products and services to each other. Essentially, it is like word of mouth marketing but done online for your business.

According to ConvertLITE, "Whether you are a one man band, an established SME or a huge international corporate, you can benefit. Don’t forget. There are 1.5bn websites on the internet. 200m are active. Of those, under 1m have this technology. Get in NOW and compete."

Click on the link above or access for more info.

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