Get The Best Lead Capturing Auditing Plugin In Arlington, TX For SEO Agencies

Nov 10, 2022

Green Jay Media has launched an update to its lead-generating plugin for your SEO agency in Arlington, Texas to collect contact and SEO audit information to help you create tailored solutions services.

Get The Best Lead Capturing Auditing Plugin In Arlington, TX For SEO Agencies

Are you trying to generate more leads for your SEO services? Would you like to know a client’s needs before they contact you?

Green Jay Media has recently launched its updated WordPress plugin for Arlington, Texas, that allows you to implement an effective lead-generating analysis tool onto your SEO agency’s website.

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The audit plugin from Green Jay Media inserts a form onto your company’s website, which can rapidly increase leads from visitors, as well as performing an audit on their websites to highlight areas where you can help to improve their SEO score.

When seeking new leads, your SEO agencies may struggle to grab the attention of prospective customers who may be unaware of the benefits your services can provide them. Furthermore, having relevant information about a prospect’s SEO needs can make it faster and easier for you to convert them into customers. Green Jay Media’s WordPress plugin for Arlington provides you with a lead-generating and auditing solution.

The WordPress plugin features a three-field form that collects your prospective client’s name, website, and email address, before performing an SEO audit on the website entered. The plugin then emails a report to the prospect, detailing areas that can be improved, as well as giving your SEO agency the same information.

By providing you with the audit and contact information regarding a prospective client’s website, Green Jay Media’s plugin gives you the ability to send tailored services and suggestions to a client that is focused on their specific needs in and around the Arlington area. This personalized communication results in more engaged clients that are easier to convert into sales.

The SEO plugin from Green Jay Media is available as a free version that offers the basic audit information, as well as a premium tier if you are looking for more detailed customization and analysis. If you want to see Green Jay Media’s SEO plugin in action, you can try it out here

Having worked in the industry for several years, Green Jay Media also provides a range of digital marketing services to help businesses improve their online visibility and website performance.

A current user of Green Jay Media’s plugin said, “I’ve used this plugin for my developer site, and it’s easier to get visitors coming to my website now. I get more leads than I ever did without it. It’s easy to set up and use. “

Discover a means of generating new SEO leads as well as providing bespoke solutions for prospects with Green Jay Media’s updated WordPress plugin today!

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